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  1. I decided to build a fishing boat for my 30 lb. thrust trolling motor....A comfortable lightweight 2 seater.....

    Yea I built a multichine hull with open cockpit for a 250 lb. 6' 2" guy and it works great.....the baltic birch frames is the strong point the cedar stringers would be the week link.......has to be junk plywood.....
  3. Surfski

    This boat is a hoot...fast.fun....at 19'x18.5" verry suprised at how stable it is. No problem to get in and out of it in deep water...... http://s147.photobucket.com/user/scrawford_photos/library/Pax%2019%20kayak?sort=3&page=1
  4. Crawfish Tandum Pirogue Frame

    A different design .....It was a stitch and glue plan I converted......
  5. Coaming location

    Any time you want move a frame you have to make a new frame....take measurments from the exhisting frame and make a new one acordingly.....Like cutting the bottom off the front cockpit frame that hits the calves of the legs, I make a half frame that fits in front of the seat. ....
  6. What to do next...?

    Allright another tweeker and modifier in the crowd. .......Welcome to the club..... Converting from SOF to a S&G is really easy....Adding a second chine or pannel is tricky. ..... I am working on my 21st boat, I think...I started off with a wood runabout with a grafted in jetski drive back in 2006......Been human powered since......The 1/8" BBirch is great plywood 3 plys of stiff stuff....I use the 3/8" on a lot of frames except for the partial frames in the cockpit area......My teardrop camper has no thicker than the 3/8"ply annywhere.Some 1/4" and lots of 1/8".......
  7. Surfski

    I plan on building an open cockpit like the ski's. .....l have converted S&G desgnes to SOF so the process could be reversed...... Hard turning is what this guy says about the pax 20....Indicitive of a hard chine hull with little rocker...... http://www.clcboats.com/forum/clcforum/thread/25883.html
  8. Rounding off stringers

    Cedar I find it better to "climb cut" with the router to avoid any splintering which cedar has a tendency to do... http://www.finewoodworking.com/how-to/article/climb-cutting-don’t-believe-the-naysayers.aspx
  9. Surfski

    I got the chance to paddle a 19' ×19" ski the other day, suprising how stable it was, Yea we changed kayaks in deep water without falling in.......I want to build one....... Sling shot is too wide....CLC'S PAX 20 IS 19.5 " wide.......Jeff do you paddle Sling Shot verry much?.....
  10. The twins are done!

    Looks good Jeff, I like the black hull........
  11. modern materials, old world design concepts

    native american tradition, of building with materias and tools that are available, ......
  12. UPDATED * I am now a SEALS dealer

    Jeff , sent a payment in.....I can't wait to get it, just finished another S&G with a strip deck, a real greenland design.....kind of twitchy going to be fun..... https://www.facebook.com/873126389409471/photos/pcb.1034543819934393/1034541703267938/?type=3&theater
  13. UPDATED * I am now a SEALS dealer

    Great news Jeff.......
  14. UPDATED * I am now a SEALS dealer

    Any updates,July will be here in no time....
  15. Action Tiger builds a Firefly. Slowly.

    Wow that fabric is a loose weave , it's translucent. ....I wonder if that is the same fabric I got a while back and reminded me of fiberglass cloth......I got some of the 11oz to do my last boat....still have the other fabric was going to use it on a S&G hull with a skin deck.....