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  1. Progress photos A bow grate

    I am going to show my ignorance here, but I am used to that. Being a very novice sailor, BUT a weekender builder, what is the bow grates purpose ?
  2. Pics of Miss B

    Frank, I too had those nightmares. My launching was very private, only my wife for those same reasons. I knew it wouldn't leak, but being a novice sailor I was concerned about stability. Thank goodness there was light winds and she handled well, even in the gusts. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a grand feeling sailing all around the small lake
  3. Maiden Voyage

    November 5th was a beautiful day in western Wisconsin so I launched my weekender, the "Gina Lynn" The wind was light with some gusting and she was perfect, handled well, extremely stable and a good looker if I do say so myself. It was an incredible feeling, sailing across the lake in a boat that I built. For some reason, I cannot post my pictures here, it says they are too large. I have an older digital camera, but it takes great pictures. Any advice ? I really would like to share with you the pics since I have used all of your information and tips to complete my Weekender.
  4. More boat trailer stuff

    Jan, I have been going to smaller boat shops and marinas. I have found a couple of used trailers that are in the $300-350 range. They have rollers and look to be easily modified to the Weekender. However, as I was driving back from golf on Friday, I saw a 16' runabout, with a 75 horse Johnson, on a trailer that will fit the weekender for only $200. Runabout needs work, but what the hey, if the trailer works. I may be going from no boats to 2 boats !
  5. Fiberglassing 2

    Thank you all - I have the glass and 1st coat of epoxy down and it actually looks pretty good. I can be more agressive with the sanding. The bottom and sides turned out so well, smooth, run free that I thought the topside would be just as easy. It wasn't ! ! ! ! ! But it turned out okay. I put 4 coats on the bottom and sides, are three enough for the topside or should I do the 4 ?
  6. Fiberglassing 2

    hi, I have finished fiberglassing the hull and sides, painted them and after letting the paint set, turned her over to do the deck and cabin. My question is : Do I need to put the glass cloth down on the topside ? The RAKA epoxy was awesome on the bottom (4 coats). My brother-in-law said the cloth was mainly for strength. The epoxy seemed to toughen up everything. I am not comfortable with the seams that need to be matched up on the topside, however I know I can sand them down.\ Any thoughts ?
  7. Paint

    Frank, Thanks for the great input. I am weeks away from launching, so the paint will have plenty of time to cure. I was referring to the fiberglass epoxy resin - how long should I wait before I paint over that ? You have incredible knowledge in every phase of this boat building. I have used your info with the "pros" I work with and they always agree that your advice is solid. Thanks for all the info you have given me Marshall
  8. Paint

    Wow Thanks everyone ! I didn't want to say it but $130 a gallon for marine paint seemed to be a lot ! ! ! ! I will be a trailor sailor so exterior latex it is My brother in law works with fiberglass and epoxy resins on cars and said to let the final coat cure for 2-3 days. Is that enough ? You guys are really great with all the help I have had here. I read this daily for any tips on my project. Marshall
  9. Paint

    Hi, My Weekender has the hull and sides clothed and 4 coats of epoxy resin. Since I am working alone, I want to paint the bottom and sides prior to turning it back over, so I won't have to turn it again. I am having a hard time finding marine bottom paint in the color I want. Any suggestions on a good marine paint supplier ? Is marine paint a necessity ? or would a good epoxy paint work ? Thanks for all the info Marshall - "Anxious to get her in the water"
  10. Fiberglassing

    Thanks Dave, I am off today and Friday, and my pics are on my work computer so I will email them to you on Monday. I used bondo to cover screws and round off, not much, but some. I also have read here that the epoxy doesn't adhere to the bondo as well as the wood. Will there be a waterproofing problem ?
  11. Fiberglassing

    I am ready to fiberglass. I noticed in Mike's video that he doesn't glass the keel, for reasons that sound logical - i.e. running into shore, rocks, etc. Why not ? I was thinking of overlapping the cloth from both sides, then putting the 3-4 coats of epoxy over it. Thoughts . . . . .? Also, Dave Richards suggested I post pics of my Weekender, but I keep getting a message back that they are too large, so, sorry I can't share with you. This project has been an absolute blast ! I have quietly read the posts daily here and they have given me so much info and inspiration ! The thing that I am most proud of is that I have built this boat 100% by myself. I have had no assistance. I think that is a great tribute to the Stevenson design. It may take me longer, figuring ways to do a 2 person job with one person, but the satisfaction is tremendous. I am hoping to finish the hull, glassing and painting very soon, then turn my attention to finishing the topside and complete the rigging. I also am installing a pedal system for the rudder, so I can have both hands free. Has anyone done this ? I have designed the system and I think it will work. Thanks to you all for the great inspiration you have given me ! Marshall
  12. Trailer question

    Dave, Where did you get your Karavan Trailer ? I'm on the Minn/Wisc border, but I work in Minneapolis. Also, out of curiosity, why wouldn't you get a trailer 2' longer so it doesn't stick over the trailer ? Or doesn't it matter. I will be glassing and painting my Weekender within the next week or so.
  13. Wheel steering modification

    Being a novice at this, I found that putting a thin layer of rubber around the shaft, gluing it in place has decreased slippage of the ropes
  14. Surprise

    "I'm kind of surprised more people haven't done what we did on the Kauai Weekender: make it a convertible. We had the cabin removeable on that boat. If you look caefully at the pics on the page for it you can see the details." Mike, Do you pictures of the convertible top ? I really like that idea. I'm not much of a camper, and the additional room would be great. I am about 75% done with my first Weekender. I am hoping to be glassing and painting in the next week or so. This is really a great project; challenging but extremely rewarding. Thanks Marshall
  15. Rub Rails

    Joel, That's what I did. I cut the panels flush with the deck, then routed a 1x2 to sit up about 3/4" above the deck, attaching the rail to the 3/4's down the side. I don't know how the functionality is going to be, but it looks good. After I glass, I will put 3/4" half round to complete the appearance This may be a dumb question, but does the upper rub rail have a function other than bumping ?