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  1. Cruise Craft sinks near Gove

    I'm thinking water got in through motor mount holes. I don't know how old the boat is though..
  2. Cruise Craft sinks near Gove

    I've been told this morning that the boat sunk here was trolling, there was a loud bang and some or all of the transom tore out, the skipper tried to cut the motor free but couldn't cut through the lines quick enough
  3. Cruise Craft sinks near Gove

    Details are sketchy at this time - word around town is that a boat sank yesterday. According to the NT News, the transom failed somehow, the motor coming off and leaving a gaping hole. The boat sank in 5 minutes, after a 000 call was made and the EPIRB activated, the husband and wife were in the water for 3 hours in lifejackets, hanging on to an esky. A search involving 2 boats, a Customs boat, a plane, and a helicopter took a couple of hours to locate the couple. The helicopter only spotted them after descending to 200m, having flown over them several times higher up. Both OK, sunburnt and glad to be out of the water. I've been told the boat was a 6m Cruise Craft - no doubt more will be revealed soon