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  1. Now, how come I didn't think of that?
  2. Thanks, Tom. Your opinion, which I respect immensley, has altered my course. It was recommended to me by another builder as a way to avoid scratching up the cockpit when dragging in crushed oyster shells. However, you've saved me some time on this project. I'm still faced with needing to prepare the cured epoxy for another couple of coats.
  3. This is definitely a new build ... an oops, I wish I had glassed the cockpit moment.
  4. Epoxy Coating..how many coats?

    Would the same "tacky" rule hold true for applying primer and paints?
  5. I've decided that I'd like to glass my cockpit to resist abrasion. The problem is that the epoxy from filleting and taping cured long, long ago. I know I need to sand (and maybe wash) to remove blush. How much sanding? Just enough to scratch the surface, or do I really have to "dig" into the surface? What about those tight areas where it is next to impossible to get in and sand? Bottom line ... what is the process for applying fiberglass to a cured epoxy surface?
  6. Dark Hull Colors?

    I wonder how Graham's CS-17, "Green Heron", has fared? Perhaps that wasn't a dark enough green to cause the problems you have listed.
  7. Dark Hull Colors?

    I'm only interested in the hull, not the deck or cockpit.
  8. Dark Hull Colors?

    Can someone give me a good argument for or against painting my hull BLACK? I've heard arguments both ways. In other words, is there a good reason to avoid dark hull colors?