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  1. Hi Frank. Curently under construction. Bolger Diablo (Tar Devil) Later, Phil
  2. I understand you floated your boat today. Photos, Mate? Later, Phil
  3. Man! Does this Mike guy ever get tired of making us drool?? Love that dory! But, I've always loved dories! Later, Phil
  4. Sweet, Mike! Very anxious to see it completed! Later, Phil
  5. But... it ain't wood, Mike! (Still cool, though!)
  6. The sails threw me... also 'cause of the color. Mike said they are new. Phil
  7. Great to see more of Mike's work. Don't come no better'n Oyster! Phil
  8. Thanks for the pics, Mike. I think I had saved photos of your rack somewhere but I couldn't find them. Hi, John. Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well also. We're doing fairly well. Cheryl is holding on, though she now needs a cane to help her get about. Tough gal. Later, Phil
  9. Hi, Johannah! Been a long time! Later, Phil
  10. Okay, Dude. Everyone here has seen your excellent boatbuilding skills. Now, how about showing us some of the peripheral boating stuff you make... like your truck rack (especially since I need to make one for my Ford). While you're at it we would enjoy some of the work you've done you your house. Later, Phil
  11. So Craig... what news with your wife? Later, Phil
  12. Cheryl's biopsy report was good... no additional cancer! Thanks for your thoughts! Mike, are the reds in the surf yet? Regards, Phil
  13. Can't beat black sea bass with anything (IMHO). Fresh salmon next. I've been told snook is extremely tasty (?), but I've never caught or eaten one. Later, Phil
  14. Mike, I sent you a PM