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  1. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks all, I now have a project for next spring!
  2. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks, I think I'll try that today - weather permitting. Now for the next question: I'm getting around to thinking about oars. Yes, I know, I probably should have thought about them a while ago. But, honestly I just wanted to finish the build in order to have the boat available for this summer. Anyway, how do you stow a pair of 9 foot oars in a 17 foot boat? It seems that they would come past the CB by about 2 feet, and be a constant source of annouyance. I've searched the site, but have found nothing that adresses this specific question. Thanks
  3. Building the CS 17 #338

    From all your posts I've concluded: An up haul for the rudder is a good idea A downhaul to lower the main is problematic and either lubrication or working with the track to smooth and round is a better option (or just pulling the sail down hand over hand and using line keepers - I like that idea) The Mizzen is raised first and lowered last Thanks all
  4. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thank you for the detailed response. One question - I thought you were always supposed to raise the main first and lower the mizzen first? Do I have that wrong? Something about throwing the balance of the boat so the boats heads off and not into the wind?
  5. Building the CS 17 #338

    Hello All, I am happy to say that my boat (the Ketch Me) was launched last Tuesday and I took my second sail on her on Sunday. She is a pleasure to sail - quick and responsive. It is a lovely payoff for the two years of hard work. She seems a perfect boat for my situation. Since I'm a new sailor I have a more experienced friend joining me on the sails and helping me learn what is needed to single hand the boat. He suggested to additions: A line running from the the head of the Main that would allow the sail to be quickly brought down once the halyard is released And, A line from the aft of the rudder to allow it to be quickly brought up when beaching the craft etc. What do you all think about these modifications? Make sense? Thanks, Neil
  6. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks all for your valuable advice
  7. Building the CS 17 #338

    Will the Aluthane act as an insulator between the ss track and hardware and the mast?
  8. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks all, The reason I don't want to paint the masts is because over time they will get chipped and looking poorly. The reason I do want to paint them is they will look better initially and the paint will isolate the SS track and assorted hardware from the aluminum mast. But if Dave says I will have to put something on the mast and I already have the primer and paint , well I guess I lean toward painting them!
  9. Building the CS 17 #338

    Now for the next issue: Whether to paint the masts or leave them bare aluminum? Any thoughts? Thanks, Neil
  10. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks all for your help! Neil
  11. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thank you all for your help. I'm sorry I'm so tardy with this reply but we've been traveling and just got back. One other question: the bailer has protrusions on the underside to allow the screws to counter sink. Does that mean I counter sink into the hull bottom to allow for this or do I create a gasket of some kind? It just seems like the counter sinks seem very large for the thickness of the hull bottom. Neil
  12. Building the CS 17 #338

    Peter, again thanks. Other questions, what did you use to isolate the SS from the aluminum and for attaching deck hardware is it always necessary to use SS 316? I'm probably showing what a novice boat builder I am, but I feel it is better to get good advice than to make a mistake. Neil
  13. Building the CS 17 #338

    Thanks Peter, This looks different from what the plans suggest(which includes an S hook?)? But. it also looks very secure and simple, What is the hardware called that connects to the eye strap on the mast? And, I gather you used the same set-up for both masts, just stopped at a clam cleat on the missen? Neil
  14. Building the CS 17 #338

    Hi, Could someone post a picture of the rigging of the snotter. It would be most helpfull. Thanks, Neil
  15. Building the CS 17 #338

    Peter,Thanks for the advice. I think that is exactly what I will do.