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    Hendersonville, NC
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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built moccasin-1, moccasin-2 canoes, and mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans.

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.
  1. Yay!!!, Jay!!! You're gonna LOVE having a tabernacle.
  2. Hi Fred, i enjoyed sailing with you. Kinda a long and convoluted story---not health. Just don't much like these inland lakes. No salt and all the cool stuff related. And can't afford the trips back to REAL water. I've had more enjoyment out of Turtler than anything. Still deciding what's next, but definitely something. Got the disease---or addiction---whatever.
  3. I am selling my 2007 Tohatsu 25hp, four stroke 20" shaft, electric start, remote controls, fuel tank, tachometer. This motor has very few hours on it, around 50. I had it on a 20 ft. cruising boat that didn't get much use. It's been in storage since 2012. Had planned on building another boat for it, but never did.$2500.00
  4. Thanks y'all.
  5. No wise cracks now---- Summer Breeze MAY be for sale soon depending on some personal issues. Just checking to see if one of her admirers would be interested. She will be sold with the trailer which was bought new for her, but not with Mr. Zuki.
  6. I've got a hand held "boy scout" "orienteering" compass that Don can check his with. (He lives just down the mountain from me.)
  7. Robert---COOL little quickie boat! Mr. Zuki says , "forget paddling or rowing!" Ya gotta hang a stinkpot on her...or him.
  8. I built something very similar to this on the first Summer Breeze (CS-20, Mk-2). It worked pretty well except when the boat was rocking in the water. Never tried with much breeze. I can't find any pictures. On my last Summer Breeze (CS-17, Mk-3), I opted for a tabernacle---MUCH better solution.
  9. Hip-hip-hooray for hips! (Isn't it amazing what these posts degenerate to...)
  10. ALWAYS ground out the plug. And be sure there is no spilled gas nearby.
  11. Don, yep, that's the plan. Miss Debbie will plug the hole with her toe while we're out on the water.
  12. It don't get no better! BTW, this is a MUCH more flattering picture...
  13. Thanks guys. I really like the pvc gizmo. Cheap! Good think that pictures are better'n a thousand words. German, nein. Now Don, on the other hand, DOES "Deutsch sprechen". .
  14. Lennie, glad you asked. Check this out. Their simple foam kits are economical, easy to build, and fly well (Go for a trainer type first). Here's one I like. Maybe even better to get started in the hobby. Start to learn more on this page. (Scroll down to the Beginner series.) beginner series You may want to learn to fly with a ready to fly trainer. Read about them here.