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    Hendersonville, NC
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    Building/using power and sail boats. Usually go on 2 or 3 day cruises.
    Built prototype Princess 22, Outer Banks 20, and CS-20 Mk-2, CS-17 Mk-3, and Turtler. have also built moccasin-1, moccasin-2 canoes, and mini-paw dingy---all from B and B plans.

    Used to be professional fiberglass boat builder and repairer. Also worked in production design for several sailing yacht builders in Florida.

    Messing about in boats, boat building, Building r/c model planes. Turtle collecting. Working on our new home in the mountains.
  1. NO-NO-NO Tiger. that ain't a keel. That's an optional safety rail to grab on to if ya turn the durn canoe over with that big 150 hp Merc that's some red neck bass fisher guy is gonna hang on the back. I bet that same guy is gonna want the thing in poly flake. Anyway, it's an option that my boat won't have , cause I'm only gonna use my li'l 2.5 Zuki on it. (Ok, just in case some of y'all take this seriously, that's a kinda building jig to hold the bottom shape until the seems are poxied and taped.)
  2. FINALLY!!!! Looks like it's about time to actually get started! Miss Debbie's counter tops and back splashes will be done next week, and Graham will have the plans in the mail today! I'm SOOOO excited! Graham is providing full size patterns and I'll work out the interior as I go along. If you guys like it, it will become a stock B&B plan. Of course the plans will come with all the great building directions that we have come to expect from them. I'll post a few images from Alan's and Graham's magic computers for you to get a first look.
  3. I like to give my elbows a break and use an in line sander like this one. It does require 6 cfm of air to run it. I just "rest" a lot waiting for my little compressor to catch up.
  4. Thanks, guys. Guess Don and I will need to make those long-uns. I'll probably only need em when i sail on "his" lakes where a permit for a non-motor boat is $5.00/year, while the annual permit for a motor is beaucue (look it up, y'all) bucks a year. Lotsa lakes up here are private, or city or county owned as sources of water, so they charge a bunch for anyone to use them for boating. Sure do miss the good 'ol free ramps on the coast! Now, back to the main subject of this thread.....
  5. Thrillsbe, no.
  6. Super cool anchor roller! Summer Breeze is kinda jealous. One note on trailer launching. As the boat rolls off the trailer, the bow drops and the bow sprit/anchor hits the top of the trailer winch stand. Breeze's trailer didn't have a cross bar/roller toward the forward end of the trailer. I added a cross bar to "catch" the forward end of the keel as Breeze slides aft. It's only a 2 x 4 held to the side frames of the trailer with u-bolts, but it does the job.
  7. Speaking of oars---oh, we weren't---anyway, how long are Carlita's oars? Summer Breeze wants a pair of her own. Her oar locks will be on top of the coaming, not in a notch like Carlita's.
  8. Well, doggonit!!! But you must certainly keep Miss Carla and Miss Beth happy---if you know what's good for you!!! But we're gonna miss you!
  9. Lookin' forward to seeing you, Jay. It'll be gr-r-reat!
  10. No plan. I used the main as a guide.
  11. Lookin' good. I really like the mizzen tabernacle in Summer Breeze.
  12. So it may have "Moisture Resistant glue or Marine glue" Also not the usual 4mm or 6mm thicknesses. thickness not too much of a problem unless you're building something like a canoe that needs the wood to bend, like at the bow. we'd better check closer. maybe they can tell us about the glue.
  13. Good report, Graham. I'm glad you're on the road to a full recovery. Maybe you can make it to the second annual Southern Appalachian Messabout. We'll try to not have the typhoon this year.
  14. Lot's of folks build two rights or lefts instead of one of each, but don't wanna admit it. I'm enjoying watching your build, you're doing a fine job---when ya make the right sides. almost makes me wanna build a tri. Almost.
  15. You've said a mouthful, PAR!, "... there's always that one set of holes that'll need to be drilled right after you've finished with the pretty stuff, at least with my typical luck, planning and forethought."