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  1. Here's a photo that I believe was on Graham's CD. I built a similar one. I'm 60 yrs old, female, weigh 140 lbs, and can still raise the main mast easily. Build one!!
  2. Try this for more photos:
  3. Yes, you have a point. I attached a photo but apparantly it didn't work so I'll post a link to a Picassa web site soon.
  4. Rats, I just noticed that I typed the incorrect hull # - she's number 218
  5. Yup, this is a sad day when I list my beloved "Lady Grace" for sale. For long time readers of this forum you may remember me posting questions during the construction, starting in March '08 and finally finishing in June of '10. I attended the much renowned Short Reach Regatta in Maine in July of '10 and had a wonderful time. I even gave Ray a run for his money! Ok, now the facts: This boat was built from a kit prepared by Graham Byrnes. I also bought the sails and hardware kit from him, so it's pretty much to the plans. The sails are sleeve luff, and she is fast. (Just ask Ray) Additional gear includes an (oversized, for camp sailing) anchor, 40 lb thrust electric motor and battery, Anderson self bailer, swimmers boarding ladder attached to the transom, "stepper helper" on the main mast, (and another one for the mizzen which I've not yet installed), "rigging board" which covers the port foot well next to the center board for ease of walking around during rigging, and a "thing shelf" installed in the rear of the cockpit to hold binoculars, water bottle, and all the other stuff that tends to clutter up a boat. There is also a trailer, with waterproof LED lights and a 2" hitch. I tow this boat on the highway at 70 mph without a shudder. She's ready to sail! I'm asking $8,000. Inqueries may be made at