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  1. The Roaring Silence

    Been quiet here for some time. Just thought I would say Hi. Oh you have to guess where the title of this post came from! I will never tell.
  2. Gaff or Gunter?

    If you are thinking about a gunter rig I would suggest looking at the sliding gunter. It is much easier to reef. When rasied the topmast is attached to a sliding iron then the topmast is rasied by a halyard. Below the topmast the sail is attached with hast hoops and the sail is laced to the topmast. To reef the halyard is eased and the topmast lower straight down the reef is put in and then the halyard is made tought. Very easy and quick. Here is a basic drawing of the sliding gunter. The folding gunter is very hard to reef and the two rigs are the same except for the sliding irons on the sliding gunter. I would recommend the sliding gunter over the folding gunter for ease of use. When making the sail a jog is made in the luff where the topmast begins when the sail is raised. this makes for a very nice clean look to the luff. There are other small details your sail maker can go over with you about.
  3. Repeat after me

    I will never build another sailboat, I will never build another sailboat! Who the heck was I trying to kid. All it took was someone I got to know who used to sail at Uconn to say, "Hey you want to build a sailboat", that's all it took. I am so hooked on sailboats it's just a sin I tell you. I have got to be out of my ever loving mind to do this again. But looks like it is going to start sometime next month. And the good part is I only have to fund a small part of the cost of the boat which is all I could afford. So what boat you ask, well it is going to be a sharpie that will have to sail in thin water cause that is all we have here, real thin water. Whose design you ask, well mine of course I would not want to put anyone else through this madness. It will be about 16' loa with a sloop rig and bilge keels plus some other little design ideas I want to see if they really would work. I will try and post once in a while with whats up with the project and to get Gary to post sometime in the future. If anyones interested. Well that's all for now. I guess the madness just took a little vacation but it's back now. And I am cursed with having it. Somebody please call the doctor.
  4. Propulsion$$

    Jake, In the lower sound where you are the currents will be fairly strong so I would not go with anything less than a 50 lb thrust electric. For the local lakes a smaller one would do but on the larger ones like Lake Washington they would be too small.
  5. Mike's Writing Style Pole

    To much sailing huh. Well just my opinion would be to review what sailing you have in the story and determine how integral to the plot line it is. If it is important then keep it in. But if it is just a back drop then maybe some of it could be trimmed down. Some people don't understand boating in general and get very bored with it very quickly. But there is a fine line here of keeping enough content so anyone who knows boating knows you know what you are talking about and those who don't know get a little education but not enough to lose their attention. In the end it is up to you to decide what is too much and what is too little. Good luck and have fun.
  6. O.T. MacGregor26

    Yeah Mike we always called Bayliners "Tupperware" boats and when Macgregor came out with this duel purpose boat half sailboat half power boat it was pretty much considered a joke, a poor one at that. They are not good sailboats by any means and they are not good power boats either. But there are people who like them alot, goes to show you how much people really understand sailing and what it's about. Winnebago's on the water. Now a couple of nice sailboats that where offered as kit boats where by the Binghams out of Pismo Beach not far from your neck of the woods so to speak. The Allegra 24 was a real nice boat, well designed and could be trailer sailed with the right tow vehicle, a nice pickup would do nicely. They also had plans for the Dana 24 and for the Flicka. Now these where serious sailboats that could and have sailed blue water for many, many a mile safely. The old MacGregors the kit boats where not all that bad for the time they where being sold as they where for the most part one of the first kit or finished trailerable sailboats you could really spend a weekend on. And they where very well priced for the time. Down right cheap by todays standards. Some other really fine sail boats made in and around the Santa Cruz area where of course the Santa Cruz 27. They can be had for pennies on the dollar nowadays. And of course the Olsen line of boats the 30 and the 25. And nots forget good old Bill Lee who took Santa Cruz sailboats to the highest level with boats like the Santa Cruz 50 and the 70. Bills motto was fast was fun and boy where his boats fast. As to the big Hobie monohull are you talking about the 33. If so most of them are in the bone yard. Fast boats but super flimsey and short lived boats. They kinda sorta liked to twist out of shape after a while. But that happens to ultralight raceboats. But hey Mike remember the Ultimate 30's. Last I saw of them or what was left of them they where for the most part up in the Seattle area growing moss. But cool boats while they lasted. Paul J
  7. Sailz

    There is nothing wrong with the server to my knowledge, everything is functioning as it is supposed to. If you are having a problem getting to the site it is most likely on your isp's end or your isp could have been identified as a spam source but most of that is just for email not website access. I would check with your isp to see if they are running any software that filters web sites or is a porn blocking software. Some of those programs will block access to sites that they are not supposed to block. I have not activated any blocking software or filters on the server. So I have no idea why you would be being denied access on my end. You can try adding index.htm after the / and see if that helps. Yes I re-located 5 months ago to sunny warm Florida. You guys can have the cold, I no longer have to wear a knee brace to walk so I am a happy camper, don't know why I didn't move years ago. But it is raining today and supposed to all day, but it's 65 degrees at 9:30 in the morning in the middle of December.
  8. Update

    Mike, You forgot to say that the sails are mylar/polyester with a black X-ply. Real nice stuff, almost didn't want to part with them. And don't forget those photo's you promised. Paul J
  9. OT Cost of Scotch

    Doug, I was not really trying to talk politics at all. I was just responding to Frank. He and I have had this conversation before about costs [read taxes] before. What really bothers me is that an average person has to struggle with trying to fund building a small sailboat. It really gets on my nerves a little sometimes that we are paying taxes for god knows what but just a few bucks for a weekender or another small boat takes more planning than the damn federal budget does. It just don't make sense sometimes. Well anyway enough of that. But you know if Oyster drinks gasoline, that explains a lot. Not something I would do but hey what ever floats your boat so to speak, or blows your boat up, whatever fits I quess. Paul J
  10. OT Cost of Scotch

    Washington taxes beer at $30.00 a barrel or better known as a keg and I believe it's the same for liquior or maybe it's more for liquior. They where talking about raising that to $60.00 a barrel before I left. If you want to talk high taxed states Washington is getting to the top 5 in a hurry and no personal income tax. For tax purposes leaving has been a benefit, I pay less in taxes here personally and as for the business I will pay less taxes than in Washington. No B&O tax here, for those that don't know that's Business & Occupation tax based on your gross receipts not your net or even after costs, gross. Can we say Bye Bye Boeing. Cause dudes they are long gone and the state just don't know it yet. I figure that the day I left my tax burden dropped from between $3500.00 to 4500.00 a year based on an average year. Plus my licence total dropped $15.00 a year and I now have to have 3 not 2. Add on top of all that the electric is cheaper and I use more of it. So that is another savings plus there is no heating costs really here. I paid over $850.00 a year in just furnance oil costs, I won't be paying that anymore. Now don't get me wrong here, Washington is a real nice place. And I have no sour grapes at all about it. But in reality it is a very expensive place to live and do business. In that regards I will not miss the state at all. As a small business I am not a bottomless well of funds as that state may think all business's are and all the people who live there are. Some day soon they will come to a very harsh reality that they made too many mistakes, spent too much money and never accounted for it, and they will be so high taxed that business's will be leaving in droves and they will be broke crying the blues like other states who have made the same mistake. If you make the place to expensive for the average person they will leave and go elsewhere to live and do business where they can afford to live. So anyone in the mood for a good old fashioned "TEA PARTY". Paul J
  11. OT Cost of Scotch

    Ok here's a little I am glad I am no longer in Washington. Gas prices here are about $1.57 a gallon regular and that is up $.15 a gallon in the past two weeks. When I left Washington the beginning of July gas was $1.49 for regular, so on that point and the nice warm weather and my new tan, yes folks I have a real tan now, I have to say I am liking it here. Have yet to go sailing in the warm waters here but will be in a month or so. That will be nice, warm water sailing life could be worse I guess. Oh and Frank as to sin taxes I think they hit the liquior pretty hard here since the last time I was here 22 years ago but Hey Jake smokes are only $2.25 a pack. I remember booze being very low as to taxes. But life changes and so does the cost of things. Just glad I don't drink hard liquior anymore. Well you all have fun and I will chat with you later. Paul J
  12. OT Cost of Scotch

    Ok we have a few scotch drinkers here, you Frank and Barry and Jake to name a few. Is like $19.46 for a 1.75 litre bottle of Makers Mark high or what. I never drink the stuff so have no idea. I was waiting for a pizza so just walked into the liquior store next to the place and browsed. I have not been in a liquior store in 15 years so what's the deal here. Paul J
  13. WOOD

    Doug, Eden Saw is a good company has been around for a while and deal with boat builders both home and professional, plus they deliver in the Seattle area. But it is aways best to hand pick your wood. So they know some stuff. Another place to check is Crosscut Hardwoods in south Seattle just off of 4th ave south I think, they have a web site with contact info. Sometimes they have some really good woods at really good prices. I bought some good southern yellow pine 1x12's, some congona, and some nice mohogany from them in the past along with other woods. They also have a place in Portland. Paul J
  14. Update

    Craig suggested it would be good to let people know I am shipping out sails. Which I am but unfortunately the last three where not for any boats discussed here. I am working at it guys 7 days a week 12 to 14 hours a day to get everything out the door. So just hang in there, I am emailing people about a week ahead of time that I expect to ship them. So every one will be getting their sails, I never had a doubt about that regardless of what a few may have thought. The move just took longer than I expected or even wanted but it had to be done to stay in business. The only other option I had at the time was to just close up shop and walk away from the whole thing and end up doing something else to earn a living. That was not acceptable to me, so the over long re-location was really the only option I wish there had been more options but there were not. Ya know one would think that it would not be that hard to find a space for making sails as you really don't need a whole lot of extras that many business's need, just an open clean space. But man o man there just aren't that many comercial places that are like that. It took me a long search for 4 and 1/2 months just to find this place and to do that I had to just pack up get on the road and go find it. It was a trip that was just over 7300 miles total not including the over 2000 miles I drove around the Northwest looking for a place. So anyways I am working away and everyone will hear from me. Now I have to get back to work. Paul J
  15. Whew Hot One Today

    Oh Yeah this is what I wanted. I am not complaining at all. But its best not to work in the loft when it's that hot. My old body is just slowly getting used to the heat. Plus I had heat stroke when I was 21 and have to be a tad careful on hot days. But so far I am liking it. Oh sure just one brewski you cheap skate. Mike he knows the logo he has had a sail for almost 2 years for that canoe he has never finished and it is a mighty fine custom sail I will say. Paul J