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  1. Thanks to you both I will continue with my original plan to spruce her up and plan our maiden voyage on a calmer forecasted day to learn the ropes at our own pace. This site compared to some of the others I visited as a guest have given us a better understanding of our new adventure. "practice creates courage" my father used to say. Tomorrow she gets her first coat of Interlux Pre-Coat polyurethane primer. Photo's to follow. The Sparrow
  2. I have found a site that sells 25# bags of reclaimed lead shot in canvas bags. I may buy 4 and install 2 on port and 2 on starboard in the lower storage sections aft and lash 2 bags forward. The site claims if two 25# bags are purchased together, ground shipping is free. Any thoughts with this idea? The Sparrow
  3. Thanks. That will ease my wifes tension after reading other negitive forums about what a poor design the Stevenson Weekender is. Thats all hogwash to me though. We have downsized from a 40' Sea Ray with twin 454's that required a slip and dues payment, not to mention the fuel bills. After she experiences the 1/3-1/3-1/3 along with the savings, she will be hooked for life. The Sparrow
  4. Thanks Par for the track recommendation which is on my radar (weeks away) right now I have stripped her down to mostly fiber glass as shown in photo. I would like to apply 2-3 coats of high build primer, then 3 coats of finish paint. I have priced Interlux and Pettit, Whoa Nelly! does anyone have any recomendation for primer and top coat other than the (2) two I mentioned. I do want a durable long lasting paint job, but as the saying goes, does, "you get what you pay for apply in this case" The Sparrow
  5. Thanks. I will go with the ABS couplings to start with. What small thin lashing would be recommended to attach the sail grommets to the mast hoop. Until I feel comfortable with the un-powered craft, I want the sail to lower when I need it to (chicken-out)I don't need additional issues if in a crisis The Sparrow
  6. Thanks. I'm sticking with the hull paint removal to start. Starting to extend the lower rub rail. Original owner/builder did not install this section. Can someone suggest a method to attach main sail to mast other than lashing. This has a gaff rig set up with tapered mast. I would like to use mast hoops. Have heard to cut 1/2" sections from 4" PVC couplings. Any other ideas? The Sparrow
  7. Hey Mates New to site and to pocket sailing. Just purchased an already built 19' weekender with Zieman trailer. I have a long history with boating, although very limited skills with sailing. In the process of stripping down the original paint on the hull. Any pointers would be appreciated. The Sparrow