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  1. I must be nuts ...

    Looks like I am in good company in the nuthouse. I guess if you have to be there, it's good to have friends ..
  2. I must be nuts ...

    The weather forecast has a chance of rain tomorrow so I had to bring my Belhaven into the garage. Check out the pictures below. It's just a good thing the Belhaven is not any bigger ...
  3. Belhaven Progress

    I hear you Scott. That's why I made the jig to pull the hollow out of the bottom before I started tabbing the seams. Adding the inwales did wonders for the hull shape too. Thanks for the reminder about the transom. I am still quite a way from closing up the transom, but I need to start thinking about swim ladders and motor mounts.
  4. Belhaven Progress

    I had a fairly productive day after a rough start. I ended up removing both Bulkhead 1 and the Temp frame and tightening everything up before I put them back in. It was definitely not fun getting bulkhead 1 back in, but it is there now and I have tight seams. I got the inwales installed and most of the seams tabbed before I ran out of daylight. I still had the hollow in the bottom that I mentioned yesterday, but I found a way to work around it. I made a jig to pull the hollow until I get all the seam tabbed and taped. The hollow is on the 1/4" section of the bottom where I will eventually have to put stringers, so everything should work out in the end. Tomorrow I go back to work to get some rest ...
  5. Belhaven #21 goes 3D

    Thanks Scott. I just went out this morning and checked again and the hollow is still there. I haven't finished tightening the bottom seam all the way back either, so I'll see how it looks when I get everything tight.
  6. Belhaven #21 goes 3D

    Well, I finally went 3D with my Belhaven today after taking a couple of months off from boat building to take care of my other life. Yes, I know. Boat building should be my only life ... This is a really big boat once it comes together. I had gotten used to seeing a pile of plywood in the garage and now I have a boat. The whole process went pretty well. I am still fighting the foot to bring it together but I ran out of daylight and energy. I hope to get the foot done and move on to the inwales and tabbing tomorrow. I did notice one thing that looks like a problem. I have a definite hollow in the starboard bottom between Bulkhead 1 and the Temporary frame. I can stand on the spot (which is a bulge from the inside) and get it to settle down, but it come right back when I take the weight off. Is this normal with the butterfly method? I am hoping that finishing the foot and installing the inwales will straighten this out. Here are some pictures.
  7. All by myself

    Very Cool Norman. I would not have thought to use a Bobcat. Do you want to come help me when it's time to turn my Belhaven? (next summer at the earliest). It's only 1722 miles from Ipswich to Oklahoma City...
  8. OK- it's announcment time- 3 new boats starting

    Charlie, Just out of curiousity, where in Houston do you get your plywood? I bought mine from Houston Hardwoods who had the best delivered price to Oklahoma City.
  9. Scott's Launch

    Congratulations Scott! I am very jealous. My Belhaven is still 2D. Waiting for enough time and good weather to go 3D.
  10. outboard question

    Feels good to do it yourself, doesn't it? You also have the added benefit now that you know your motor a lot better and can better diagnose any problems that you have. You also know exactly how to get to the impeller to replace it.
  11. Belhaven on her trailer

    Fantastic Scott! I am so jealous ...
  12. Just to make sure I have this right, the correct order is: 1. Stitch the seams 2. Install the inwales 3. Tab then tape the seams I am preparing to stitch, but the light came on in the middle of the night and I realized I had forgotten the inwales. Thanks.
  13. Launch Date set

    Good for you Scott! I know this day has been a long time in coming. Fair winds to you. On your way back to Indiana, want to swing through Oklahoma City (yes, I know you have to get really lost) and help me with my Belhaven? You are the resident expert after all ...
  14. outboard question

    While I have not converted to a long shaft, I have had a couple of outboards apart to the point that I could have. The biggest hint I can give is to get a service manual or copy the pages for your motor out of one of the big books (our library has several). There is usually a specific sequence to get the lower end off and then get the shaft off. Not really hard at all if you do it in the right order. If your motor is older, make sure you use some Liquid Wrench on the bolts and give it a chance to work. If you strip the bolts it gets expense to fix.
  15. Things I have learned from my boat

    Jeff, Those are rules to live by, especially the one about quitting when you get tired. That is when I make the most mistakes (and injuries). I do have another boat to sail. I built a 12 footer about 4 years ago that I need to get out from under the cover and get wet again. Too obsessed with the project right now, but I'll hit a wall at some point and that's when I'll need to remember to go sail.