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  1. Paints & How to Tips

    Gidday Andrew. Thanks for the very informative summary on the use of Altex's product. Love your work. It is obvious the passion you have in the results you get! I am just about to paint my 34' sailboats topsides after a very lengthy rebuild and are going to use Altex product. I have a couple of questions for you ? Have you ever used E line 379, and how has it performed? I was recommended to use it as opposed Elite polyurethane as long term it performed similarly, at reduced cost. The application is somewhat different in terms of tip size, 1.1-->1.4 for Elite & 1.8-->2.2 for E-line. I guess in terms of finish that makes it more difficult to apply E-line to get a good finish? Elite Pro is a whole different ball game & I feel beyond my capabilities (read, will) and unnecessary for my boats level of finish. I have a pressure pot & tips 1.3---->2.2. cheers for any insight.