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  1. cost for stringers -- opinions needed

    If you figure the labor is worth half of Jeff's price, $75 would be a fair offer. I wouldn't be insulted with that offer in my shop. Remember, he's doing you a hugh favor using HIS tools.
  2. Stonefly Maiden Voyage

    Looks good! What finish did you apply to the skin?
  3. Long Shot Blog

    Nice job, Jerry. It looks great and I like the bright color!
  4. Ravenswood and another Curlew

    Very nice. Look's like you changed the fore deck stringers for a smoother transition line.
  5. Child kayak

    Jordan has been doing fine in his FreeB12. He's 12 at 64" & 125#. It was like putting a duck in a pond. Two trips on the Harpeth at 11 miles each and he's done great. It's a great river to start on, only about 24" deep. His sisters now want a boat but I thought the FreeB would be to big for them. They are 12,10,8 and very athletic. I told them they would have to get a little bigger before they got a boat. Now if a smaller design were available, who know's.
  6. Any uses for short pieces of fabric?

    coaming cover with a bungee cord in edge seam.
  7. Cotton-(??) is under construction

    Jeff, Would you elaborate more on the new sewing method and maybe some detailed pictures?
  8. Clear finish?

    Zar is a good choice, however, it will not be a clear finish. We made several samples for Scott's Vardo. Plain Zar out of the can with 3 coats will give the boat a yellowish tan color and slightly transluscent. You will be able to see the frame thru the skin We experimented tinting it with Mixol stains and even plain wood stain at at 4:1 raito to get different color results. Scott decided on the mahogany stain. Jeff mentioned a different poly that is water-clear. Search this forum for the name.
  9. Making My Second Coaming

    you could also paint the pegs and the table top to prevent the glue from having anything to bond to. I cut the coaming strips to 3/32" thick, using the Ash, I had no problem bending and only had to use the heat gun on the small side of the radius about half of the time.
  10. Painting

    The manufacturer recommends no more than 15% using acetone. Personally, I liked using the thinned paint best. It went on much easier and smoother. With the 4" foam roller, it is quick to put the coats on. The paint is what seals the fabric, the ironing only tightens and removes the wrinkles.
  11. Jeff, you might get a bigger bang for your buck in you go more direct to our specific group. I did a quick Google search for a canoe/kayak club directory and got this: http://www.canoekaya...paddling/clubs/. Although I haven't looked into it yet, I know Knoxville as well as Chattanooga, (and probable Nashville & Atlanta) have a strong club with scheduled outings and get together's all summer long. That would be the perfect audience. Guaranteed interest!!! I just depends on how much time and money you want to invest in this type of marketing, and how big to you want the business to get. Oh yea, for classes, do you have a community college close by? Here in Knoxville, Pellissippi State offers just about any type of craft/hobby class you can imagine. Perfect facility, equipment, and insurance in one easy to swallow pill. Compare that with an ROI on a metal prefab building large enough on your property and the cost of insurance. http://www.discoveret.org/chota/ http://kayaking.meetup.com/cities/us/tn/nashville/ http://www.tvccpaddles.com/index.php http://www.birminghamcanoeclub.org/ http://www.atlantakayak.com/ http://www.georgiacanoe.org/
  12. replace the top stringers, quick and easy! and probably from scrap!
  13. Wood Finish?

    Next time your by WalMart, pick up a cheap box fan. They're usually around $15 bucks or so. When you get home from a day of paddling, drain all the water out that you possibly can, prop the boat on its side, and place the fan in front of it and leave it overnight. It will completely dry out the inside. We used this trick with our whitewater boats and it worked great. There wasn't a rot problem with the plastic boats, but a STINK problem if you left it wet after use. The fan will wick out any moisture in the nooks and crannies and leave it nice and dry for the next time.
  14. Kayak hauler is back on the road!

    Hey, it's not easy being green!
  15. AWESOME photo!

    Very cool shot!