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  1. past members, time for a check in and update

    Hi everyone. Ran into Dave on a woodworking forum, and he said I should check in. I have been quite busy the last two years. My poor weekender has been neglected but at least it has a nice home under a real boat shed now instead of a tarp. It needs a new paint job on the deck and cockpit. for some reason the paint decided to bubble in a few places, so I am just going to strip it off and go with a two part paint. Also it needs a new mast (original one is warped). I plan to make a square hollow one. My son in law and I built a 600 square ft deck last summer, and I am building a gazeebo on one end of it. I am just waiting for it to stop raining to finish the painting and roof. This spring I am in the process of turning the garage into a full time wood shop. My husband gave up his side of the garage (more like he got crowed out) I painted the floor(to cover up the huge boat building mess), put in a 10 ft bench and am installing a cyclone dust collector system (Clearvue). Had to address the dust problem before doing any more woodwork (asthma). Busy Busy Busy.
  2. Warped mast

    Dave, I'll be out for a few days, but when I get back.. sawdust making again.
  3. Warped mast

    Dave, Again thank you for your help, and the L shape is a good idea. Your graphics program is awesome. Is this something available to someone not at the Mayo clinic?
  4. Warped mast

    Dave, OK :shock: With that drawing, I get it!! Thank you so much. I will use this method. Looks really easy now, and I should be able to get a real accurate cut. As far as the old mast, I changed the way I attached it to the boom and crutch, by putting some wedges of 2x6, and then giving it a good snug bungeeing thinking I could eventually take out some of the warp and use the mast, Well, the two days later part mast started splitting up the middle along the"weldwood" glue line. "probably a blessing" So I think this mast needs to retire. I am a worry freak anyway, and need that particular feature to be as safe as I can get it. I didn't do it right the first time for sure. Thanks for all the help!!
  5. Warped mast

    Dave, I almost have it. But which side of the blade does the attached guide get fed into?
  6. Warped mast

    So this is clamped on to the existing table saw fence? And it sits at least the height of the thickness of your work piece (like the 7/8". You attach a straight stick to your piece along the taper line, I'm still not clear if the edge of the T is right above the blade, does the stick you've attached run under the leg? Or? :oops:
  7. Warped mast

    Thank you Dave. I look forward to it. Doing the taper would be 80 % of the job for me. Thanks
  8. Warped mast

    Dave, I would like a more detailed raised fence explanation. Thanks for the great drawing.
  9. Warped mast

    Dave if you'd like to send me a drawing, I would be very interested. I have a source for 1x4 VG kiln dried. Kind of spendy, but if it would not have to be replaced as soon, worth it Florin, I like the idea of the v backets glued to the floor, even if i do the square tapered, or the birdsmouth, I can use that method,with the square cutout instead of the v of course. Adla ought to be looking at this thread too Capt'n Jake VG DF is spendy down here too, 4-5 bucks a board foot for 1x4
  10. Warped mast

    After reading about some of the wooden boat builders and the mast and soem of them saying "the mast wood should be seasoned at least 5 or 6 years, I realized I'll have to do something different. Dave, I will look for a lumberyard with a kiln. Capt'n Jake, I know you used VG DF, how may boards did you use?
  11. door project

    Adla, Very good looking door. I haven't even built mine yet on of those things I have been putting off, nor have I finished the cabin interior(cushion and shelves) I put a strip of UHMW on the keel using ss srews in epoxyed holes drill lightly larger than the screws.
  12. Warped mast

    Dave,I have put a few boards in between the mast and the boom at the points where the warps are and bugeed them down. But I don't hold out much hope for it to unbend this year. The wood I used was unseasoned DF. :? If I cut another out of 4x I wonder if it will do the same. Kiln dried is spendy. Florin, the mast is warped forward and I did wonder if I could still sail it that way. Adla, I want to put a drain in the cockpit floor just left of the keel and right next to the bulkhead. Seems to be the low point.
  13. Warped mast

    Steve, I went throught the maintainence and repairs and found many things to work through for this year . A new mast, cockpit drain, and a little area on the cockpit floor and other minor inside things. So with cure time, I probably won't get out this year. My problem is that I take on too many projects at once. I got caught up in a deck and gazeebo project that is taking nearly all summer. We also have had 3 Pacific Rattlers (one of them 43 inches) so far and are trying to de-snake the property. But I did devote 8 months to the weekender exclusively. :roll: I went to a Northriver boat manufacturer and was going to buy one of their "used trailers" the ones they used to haul the boats to and from the custom paint shops, for half price. Untill my neighbor said I could have his if I got rid of the old boat on it. Turns out to be a great trailer. That's another project I have to work through before I go out again, a few modifications on the trailer. I look forward to seeing you boat finished! I'll bet it's perty
  14. Warped mast

    Hey Steve, After cutting and planing that tapered mast (several hours worth) I'm sure the birdsmouth won't be too bad. So where are you at on your boat?
  15. Warped mast

    Hi everyone, I have been consumed with a 600 SF deck and gazeebo this year. Our weather went from rain -rain-rain to 100 degree hot-hot-hot. August will be dedicated to the boat. I finally got my boat uncovered and went through the needed repairs, like the stub tiller. I didn't drill and embed a new post , but I did through bolt two metal straps on the top and bottom of the stub, and installed a swiveling arm for the ropes to attach. Also went back to just two swivels instead of four. Steering works great out of the water :roll: . When I raised the mast I found it to be quite warped, curving foreward at the top about 1-2 inches or so. I definately contributed to the warp :oops: by storing it on the boom crutch with bungees wrapped around all the sails, lines and such for 10 months. Any ideas as to fixing it? I wondered if after wood has sat that long if it can be bent back, with steam. I would like to take the boat out but I wonder how the warp will affect things. My daughter has purchased private sailing lessons for me with my boat this fall so I have to fix it soon, or make another mast. Lesson 48 don't bungee the mast down in the middle :oops: Maybe the birdsmouth is calling me