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  1. Very sad for down east boatbuilding folk. Buck's body could not maintain pace with his mind.
  2. Chuck, After some reflection, I remembered that Sikkens says that it is porous and able to breathe through to the wood underneath. Over epoxy, that would not be possible so that may be why they say to coat only bare wood with it. Anyway I have gotten better results with Sikkens over bare wood than any other product. Of course, if I want the best looking finish and know that it will not be exposed to the elements all the time, I use Z Spar Captains or Flagship.
  3. Chuck, I cannot answer the question, but it is probably best to follow Sikkens directions. I have used both polyurethane and varnish over epoxy many times with good results. When I redid LIZ's rubrails last year I used SIkkens Window and Door finish since it gave me really great results on our mahogany front door that is in full sun half of he year. (The door is on the website and gets redone only about every 4 to 5 years) I stripped the poly over epoxy with a heat gun and think this will be longer lasting. The Window and Door variety does not have any of the orange tint that some Cetol has. It does not have quite the depth look that fresh varnish has but after six months or a year it looks much better than varnish and then lasts for a few years more before demanding to be redone. It does take a lot longer to dry and stand up to abuse but I can live with that for its good qualities. I have to order that particular variety of Sikkens as the local stores only handle the marine versions. They may offer the same good results but I stick with what I know.
  4. Graham, What would be the effect of allowing the main rudder to react more easily by having it restrained by weak shock cord rather than being tied down on center? Not good, I suspect as the main rudder is helping directional stability but don't know for sure.
  5. If your boat is not rigged to be easily converted from motoring to sailing and back again, it will likely be a motor only trip. Most "snow birds" wind up motoring only whatever their original intention and many will not even remove the sail covers. It depends on the individual as well as which part of the ICW you are considering. Maine to Sandy Hook to Cape May and Delaware is best under sail with the Chesapeake good for sailing. From there all the way to south Florida, opportunities for sailing are less available but still, some have done it all the way under sail.
  6. .That is why you keep the butane can in the sleeping bag with you. He ran out just short of a gas stop at Mclellanville. I always fuel up at Isle of Palms where he is now.
  7. Good answer Alan. Just compare the log speed of the pen and paper to the GPS and the difference is current.
  8. As for the ICW, my favorite is the area from Charleston to Beaufort and also Waccamaw River area to Georgetown to McClellanville with side cruises on the east flowing rivers and estauraries all along the way if you like to get off the main path. Georgetown is a very nice old town and worth a stop. Don't be put off by the paper mill. Some other sections of the ICW are heavily stocked with homes, docks and no wake signs. You need to locate fuel and other necessary stops before taking off as they are sometimes not close to each other especially between Charleston and Beaufort. Beaufort and St Helena Island area is full of interesting waterways and islands. Tidal range gets more significant the further south you go and attention should be paid to the tables.
  9. The route Graham is currently taking in the ICW is one that I have done many times in both power and sailboats. The consistency of Carlita's progress would indicate that he is under power 100% of the time. Average speed of today leaving from Little River, SC is about 3.33mph, which looks reasonable for a 17' boat and a small 2.5hp motor. As the weather warms, he should be able to get in more time but the speed in the ICW may not increase much. Favorable winds will help but north wind means cold with northwest wind probably the best this time of year but none are in the near forecast. Probably not a good chance of getting outside in the ocean soon if the forecast is right. I made it from within a couple hundred yards of where he spent Friday night to Georgetown, SC in one day on Jan 10 in a 35' sailboat. We started as soon as we could see and finished well after dark in Georgetown. Not advisable but we needed to transfer crew there. Probably ran more than 12 hours when daylight is far less. Will probably take him 3 days for the same route. Similar conditions of cold and rain which it looks like he may see. Good food and some warmth available in Georgetown. My last trip down Winyah Bay leaving Georgetown could best be called nasty but at least dry.
  10. Paul, I did not choose to have W10. When we forgot to opt out one time last year, MS automatically loaded it on the computer. I am thinking of having the guru come over and put me back on W7 which can be done..
  11. I blame all malfunctions on Windows 10 and I am right almost all the time. Hate it. You the man Frank!
  12. OK, HUZZA, HUZZA, hats thrown in the air and lot so noise. Frank provides us with a really inexpensive, well free, site to hunker down in the boatyard with others similarly afflicted. Unlike another well know site where posting photos or illustrations is an exercise in frustration, Frank has made this site super easy to do that. Carry on!!
  13. Chick, I shows up upside down. Is that a normal condition?
  14. Well chick, I have to wonder abut this story. Most likely the sailing master of the St Pete Yacht Club at that time was my good friend Dave Ellis and most of those Optis were loaned out to a group of old lades called "The Salty Sisters". So, just which group of oldsters did you go sailing with?
  15. See there, Chick, People do love you.