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  1. 10 foot canoe

    can I take your plans for stonefly and turn them into a 10 foot boat got a customer who wants one for decoration for their living room
  2. 10 foot canoe

    Can I take your plans for stonefly or tangerine and turn them into a 10 foot canoe. I've got a customer that wants to use one as decoration for living room.
  3. Repairs to polyester

    Somewhere on the website I saw that "Repairs are easy" . Can you give some comments on repairing polyester. I had a hard time getting my running stitch real straight and some of the holes pulled a good bit when I started using the iron and I'm not sure if the paint will fill them in I am ready to paint my Ravenswood - think I'm going to use Rustoleum oil base - sound good?
  4. All Things Thru Christ

    Wanted to say how much I'm enjoying putting the boat together so far. I do appreciate all the the work you have put into making such a great product. Also was impressed with the first line in the plans, "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me" What a great testimony to God who gives you the ability to make a boat that will take you to places to see His Glory. Thanks again for all your efforts. May your paddle always be wet, Bob Eastman
  5. Installing coaming

    If I do the coaming that is not the laminated one and torque the first plywood half inch ring down like in the video for the laminated one, I'm sure it will break. Also not sure where the little l shaped frames are to go as they aren't mentioned in the instructions I don't think. Maybe they go in after the skin???? I imagine the are to support the coaming. So my question is how to install the unlaminated coaming to the boat. Thanks for your help. Bob
  6. Instructions say to put gauge blocks under the keel stringer and this will determine the shape of the keel (rocker) as well as where the frames will screw to the brackets. There are no measurements for how tall these gauge blocks should be. In the addenda for the Ravenswood it says no spacer blocks are needed???? The height of the spacer blocks at the bracket location is crossed out. I'm assuming spacer blocks are the same thing as gauge blocks???? I assume that the spacers that are drawn on the plan are the 2 small squarish brackets that you make 2 each of for a total of 4 brackets (Maybe I'm misunderstanding the terminology). If the keel fits down into the slot of each of these, then there is no rocker at all for the length of the boat as the slots are at the same height on both brackets. Anyhow I'm a bit confused about this????
  7. Interested in a Kudzu Craft. I've built several Pygmy's and several from plans with Okoume. A bit unsure about all the skin options. I've looked a bit on Yost website and think I like the pvc idea as there is no sewing to learn. What are the pros and cons of using this pvc material that is on his website........ Does a hard chine or multi chine do anything to the diffuculty of skinning with any of these 3 options. I'm going to purchase from Kudzu so I have a manual, patterns, etc. but need a little more info on what skin to look at. Anyone had any experience with the pvc Thanks Bob