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  1. Vardo camping

    Probably not. It won't track as well as it will loaded of course but I don't think it will be a an issue.
  2. Promblem with frames

    Not trying to be a smart aleck but all this is covered in the assembly manual. It contains a lot of information including the answers to this.
  3. Yes, virtually all of the share them same coaming.
  4. kudzo craft question

    Kudzu, no O in it. Much better off with a canoe I think. He could fit but I think it would be crowded and I wouldn't want a 50 lb dog sitting in lap or at least my on my legs.

    The angle of that photo exaggerates the curve lines but you get the idea.
  6. I really like the look of a laminated coaming but it is lot of work. Many of my customers simple don't have the skills to make one, hence the plywood coaming. I make a couple of molds with the intention of making laminated coamings to sell but they are just so much work I decided against it. I just didn't want to be making them all the time.

    I had to do some searching but no, there isn't a 'known' problem. There was one in the initial design but I found and corrected that in the prototype. So it never made it on the final plans. I went and looked at mine and remembered there is an odd line in the bow, the sweep does change about where you mention. If you follow this link and look at the photo on the header you can see curve in the bow changes. Is this how yours looks? http://www.kudzupatch.com/blog/category/boat_building/shad/
  8. Putting in the screws from the bottom is not easy! There are always a couple of spots that are very hard to get to and it is just very awkward to do because you are working blind often. It looks great once done though but if it is worth it depends on you paitence level. It is barely worth it for me and if I built me another one I probably wouldn't do it. There is SOME room to move the coaming around but you shouldn't be able to lift it up 2". But sometimes you can shift it forward or backward. Never done this but I have though about countersinking the holes from the top and just plugging the holes. You would have to work out proper depth and screw length ahead of time. You do not want screw point protruding through the lower ring!!

    While I never support alterations to the plans, you could easily take the lower ring on the coaming and cut it in a keyhole shape on the inside to provide knee braces. Then glue on some minicell foam and shape it to fit. I actually looked at this once, made a few drawings but don't remember ever cutting one out? Shad is pretty low volume so the deck is rather low. I am with Andy and just buy my knees in te deck.
  10. Polyester Repair

    Never heard of Kydex, how does it handle UV? I recommend plastic cutting boards at one time but they are not UV resistant and only lasted 2 seasons. They were falling apart literally by the second. That is why I switched over to brass.
  11. Polyester Repair

    Sounds like I stepped on your toes and that was not my intent. The point I was trying to get across is if you will build these boats the way I suggest, you just don't need extra layers of fabric. I have been building and paddling these thing for years and I have made most of the mistakes and tried a lot of things. I have refined the design and my goal is keep construction simple and not add things that are not needed. I have learned that If you put a good rub strip on the boat rubbing a hole in the fabric is simply not an issue. I still advocate not beaching a boat when you can avoid it, but with the brass strip I will nose mine up on a rough concrete boat ramp. Sounds like it grinder on steel but it does nothing except mark the brass. Will this adhere to paint or just raw polyester? If it will stick to the painted polyester it could be a good choice for repairs.
  12. Polyester Repair

    Lets back up, what did you coat the skin with because I haven't found anything that will not stick to polyester? Photos would be very helpful. Not trying to scold you but this is why I recommend run strips. Abrasion is your boats enemy and the bow takes the brunt of it. It's why I recommend not beaching the boats and learning to get in and out in the water.
  13. 1. Not found anything that will not stick to Polyester (not polyethene BTW). So it should adhere but the best thing is just test it on some scrap first and make sure there is not issues. I doubt there will be though. 2. I think there are photos in the manual of this. I have used nylon cord and made toggles from scrap wood in the shop. There is not real secret, it's just a little trial and error getting the cord lengths correct. 3. Not sure that it matters but when I go the coast I rinse mine at the end of the week. 4. Does stuffing a plastic bag in the hole count?? It worked too. Problem with tape is you need to get the area dry to apply it but it is the standard for repairs. But odds are great you will never need it. If you search on here I don't think you will find anyone that has holed a boat. There have been a couple that beached repeatedly and ground a hole in the bow, but I can't remember anyone actually putting a hole in the boat from hitting anything. I think I am the only one that has done that? 5. Don't remember but I am pretty sure you go into your Profile Settings.
  14. Tested the Skin in SoF

    That was just a bump, not much of a test!
  15. NY Curlew finally complete

    It not the easiest to sew. Do it last and don't be afraid to back up and start over. The original 8 oz is the best choice for that because you can shift the weave of the fabric around to better fit the shape.