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  1. Just a heads up. I got behind and then forgot to do this but I am trying to remember to share your launching photos on our Facebook page. Just grabbed a few and will be adding them to the page the next few days. Sort of spreding them out rather than dumping them all at once.
  2. Looks good. I do like the lines of the original better than the 'PBV' (pointy bow version). Yellow and white looks good too. My wife came up with those colors for her boat and it has taken off ever since posting photos of hers finished.
  3. I am going to break my usual silence on changes, but if you arch 9'3" you are going to have an 'ugly' hump in your otherwise clean lines of that boat. There is a reason I don't arch them like that... it's ugly.
  4. Just a reminder you don't have to have a table saw to do scarfs. You can clamp two stringer together and use a hand saw. They will stay mate up well because they were cut at the same time.
  5. You can post them. I do not support modifications because when you start changing a boats design, strange things can happen and it is no longer my boat.
  6. Found out what was going on. First, the original 3D model of the boat was lost. I have changed software and somewhere along the line Curlew was lost and not imported. All I had was some other versions I looked at but never used. Took some doing but I did find an old copy and finally managed to get it converted and it into my new software. I went through everything to see what was going on. I found two problems and one thing I want to change. Two frames are wrong. 11'-6" is all out of whack. No idea how it got this way but if I knew how to prevent mistakes I would be a rich man. It is causing a lot of the problems, Frame 7' 0" ?? (I am tired) was wrong so I corrected it. I see what happened on the coaming but no idea why it was undersized. I decided to move the bracket at .... 4' 4" (I think it was) to the next frame at 5' 4" , Steven you can trim your existing one and it will not effect you Dave. I have two copies of the corrected frames and bracket printed out on my drawing board. Send me a message with your addresses and I will get those in the mail in the morning. I have stared at these monitors so long my eyes hurt, so I going to have some fun.
  7. No, you have the current plans, I print them when ordered. 11' 6" frame was changed. There is a revision mark on the plans for that. My suggestion is just stop and give me some time to look at this. I will make it right. Once I get orders out this morning, I am going to start from the beginning and fully review the plans. It may be time to update Curlew. It may take me a couple of days but just be patient. Curlew was my first commercial design. It has had some minor changes made over the years but I have not given it a thorough looking over in several years. Let me look it over and see what is wrong and then we can go from there.
  8. I did answer, not sure why it is not here?? Must have forgotten to hit submit and then closed the window. It doesn't matter how you do it I don't guess. I cut stringers to size and then cut the scarfs and glue. If you clamp it right you will get a good joint. I usually have to run a block plane over them 3-4 swipes just to clean it so there is not bump at the joint.
  9. 130 is close to the problem weight (but ideal for the Low Volume). What happens is she may not sink the boat enough to make it track. Every time you make a paddle stroke it tries to turn the boat. With experience you will learn to correct with the paddle stroke but it can get really old. Draw back with the low volume is going to be a lot less stable than the full size. You don't say what your experience level is and that is a big factor too. If you are not very experienced you probably are going to hate the lower stability of the Low Volume. You can go with the standard and add a skeg if tracking is a problem. A small piece of plywood screwed to the keel will fix that issue and you can take it off, resize it to fine tune the tracking you want. I had the conversation a couple of times recently and I need to do a video showing how to do that.
  10. I will have the time tomorrow to dig into the plans. I want to go through the whole boat and look at everything. It's really hard to know what is going on by just photos. There is no way to eliminate most of the possibilities but knowing that someone else had the problem really helps. This was my first design, I have learned a lot since then so it probably time to go through it really closely. I am sure there are things I can improve. Dave, once I get this sorted I can send you the corrections. It would be easy to replace a frame if that is the problem.
  11. How long ago did you order plans? I am wondering if this is old set and maybe this issue was corrected because I just checked the brackets and I don't see a problem. 2'8" should be taller than 4' 4". Bottom of the slot of 2' 8*' should be 5 inches high. 4' 4.5" should be 4 7/8" high. Going to look in the other issue now. EDIT. Looks like frame 7' 0" is wrong. There are a couple of options. I am going to correct the plans and I can email you that frame if you want to build a new one. I can draw up an 'L'' Shaped arm of the proper shape that you can glue and screw onto the frame so you don't have to cut a whole new frame. I did this for a while in case you ind it sags over time you can add these latter if wanted. It is the easiest solution. Then I just decided to include it. You can trim off the arms. Originally it wasn't there. Then I built a boat for myself using a plywood coaming and over time it started to sag a little and I decided to add these. Not all plywood will do that but it's hard to know which will and want. Just let me know which way you want go. I would suggest making the L brackets and adding them if you find you need them. It depends on how you sit in the boat but I find these arms rest on my leg sometimes,
  12. Something doesn't look right. It appears that the keel is curving downward and it curve upward from the center on both ends. If that is what it is doing something is not right. Also looks like the Gunwales are curving down too. I will check the plans for anything obvious tomorrow. But makes me wonder if the brackets are in the wrong order.
  13. Without seeing it I can't say for sure but if the curve is fair and your sure you have them in the right order, I wouldn't worry. There have been a lot of Curlews built without any one mentioning this before.
  14. Gunwale is above the water so no, it will cause it go in circles. If the Gunwales are the same length then something is not right. I would check the frames and see if one is wider on one side than the other. It's an easy mistake to make.
  15. Not sure what to tell you. One is short for sure. I guess the only thing to so it make the match.