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  1. Mayfly Canoe now available

    I am sure it could be done but I don't support changes or offer any help. When you start changing the boats design funny things can happen and since I have no control over it I just can't encourage it or take any responsibility. Keep in mind, as it is you sit pretty high in the boat, I think a double blade would clear easily.
  2. Skin, how tight?

    In the industry this is called 'creep' or 'creeping'. It it the tendency of the fabric to relax after being heat shrunk. This is why I suggest sewing the fabric on tight over heat shrinking. I have seen it happen and the simplest cure it just paddle the boat and not worry about it.
  3. Laminated Beam Retrofit

    Problem is I had to change two frames, I think it was just two, because I changed the deck shape too. So there is more than just replacing one frame. While you might could just slap a laminated beam in place it is going to look really ugly and I see a lot of that in self designed boats in some forums I follow. One thing I stress on is the boat has to have smooth lines and look good when finished or I refuse to put my name on it. Well.... at least I think they look good. :-) Knee room is only an issue getting in and out. There are ways of getting in and out of much smaller boats. Just takes some practice to learn. You will look silly learning how and will go swimming, but it is skill everyone should have because it is very similar to getting back in, in deep water. Learn to sit on the back deck and balance the boat, you brace yourself with your paddle, insert legs and slide into the seat.
  4. Gunwale alignment at the bow.

    Either, but I would lash it and not give it a second thought. Wood isn't exactly straight, it moves with humidity changes and different sticks of wood can bend differently..Leave it for a week and it might get higher or lower.
  5. clear coat finish on polyester

    Just checked the Famowood home page and looks like another great product bites to dust due to Government regulations (I assume).
  6. Ravenswood frame completed ! FROG Photo

    Good to see a winter project coming together. You will be ready for spring time launch.
  7. clear coat finish on polyester

    You could just buy Famowood® Dura-Tuff® . It is water clear and I know it works.
  8. Ravenswood in Melbourne, Aus

    Great job. Love the finish. One of these days, if I have reskin I will probably do a finish like that too.
  9. "Flooring" for Ravenswood

    You are overthinking it, but I get this a lot. Think about this, if your feet can wear a hole in the fabric then the boat wouldn't be safe to take out on water.
  10. Next Class Schedule

    If there is interest I will schedule one but I don't have anything planned at this point. I had to cancel the one I had scheduled last year. I am in discussions with a group about using their facilities. If that comes together they have a good facility with housing and cafeteria. Nice wooded location outside of town too. Hopefully that will work out.
  11. Mayfly Canoe now available

    I need to look at the design again and verify but I was aiming for 100lbs gear and two paddlers. I am thinking 500 is max load with 450 more desirable. But don't hold me to that. I can't remember for sure.
  12. Mayfly Canoe now available

    I dropped Tangerine because the two would have been very similar and this is a better design. Similar in size but this is a proper expedition style canoe and will be a better paddling canoe. I was never happy with Tangerine but it took me a long time to get around to working on it's replacement.
  13. Newbie intro and Curlew Question

    Book version is an a slightly different boat than the plans so as far as I know there are not issues with that one.
  14. Stonefly thwart question

    That is a good question. I have sat here thinking this through and my best answer is yes ... possibly... I am not sure. If there was center thwart any others would likely be in tension since the gunwales would want to spread out. The center would be in compression. If you just have two thwarts toward the ends as I do in mine, I think they would be in tension..... But when you start to take into consider the gunwales being attached to the frames and how the ends are mounted it gets really confusing as to what is going on exactly. Pretty sure two thwarts would be stronger, it would be more rigid but the gunwales are very strong one glued up. As for locations I just walked out and looked at mine and because the seat is so close to center on this boat I think that two thwarts will work better. And I think your yoke is probably going to be in the way of the seat, so you will probably want it removable.
  15. Stonefly thwart question

    Wow, that is question I have not had before. My best suggestion is just trying it out by temporarily mounting it in place and carrying it around and find where it works best for you. A long carry for me is to take it from the trailer down to the water. ;-)