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  1. Send me an email with you order number. I will look into this.
  2. Just a guess but I suspect that the shrinking is the problem. Talking to the mills fabric when shrunk will 'creep' or stretch back out after shrinking (some). But when you add paint into the mix I have no idea what if any effect that has. Things like this really make me lean toward sewing on tight to start with.
  3. For those that have had this happen was in the Original 8 oz and Heat shrunk?
  4. Pouco Barta was designed as a free plan for the book. It is similar to the Curlew and should be a very good paddling boat. Rounded hull will be slightly faster but the difference is only noticeable to very experienced paddler or if you paddle one and then paddle the other at the same time. Even then it is not a big deal. As for shipping I don't know, probably a week maybe two if Customs hold it up? I ship world wide and very little issue. Of course once it leaves the States I can't do anything.
  5. I am following along but I have no answers. I have had it happen once ... or was it twice?
  6. Width of a kayak is not a good indication of the performance, it meant nothing. Width at the waterline is a better indicator. Best is the wetted surface and the shape but no one gives that info and there is no good way to compare one to another. I can design a 26" wide (at the gunwale) that is terribly unstable and reasonably quick too. I don't have volume numbers, I just know the VARDO is the largest. The others are pretty similar to each other. Short Shot is in my opinion the most versatile but it doesn't have the volume of an expedition boat. Of course a Valley Etain is not an expedition boat either. Poco Barta is only available as offsets in my book.
  7. No offense taken. I know the prices are not cheap. I am just glad to have these fabrics. Finding anything suitable is hard! The 6 oz poly is cheap.... that it about the only thing I can say I like about it. I sell a lot of it but I really don't like it. But if you have more time than money it is a good fabric. Just a real pain to sew and seal up.
  8. I was looking for a way to compare 420 dennier fabric to what I sell but there is not way to directly compare the two, tow different methods of measure. But I am pretty sure that it is much lighter and I would assume more fragile. But without some in hand I cannot be sure. You want to start with an uncoated fabric, the coating on all the nylons I have seen will not hold up very well long term. Nylon is very non-stick and even good commercial coatings will fail over time. Cheap fabric probably equals cheap coating. Most are not truly waterproof but are water resistant. When you put them under pressure they will start to seep. Plus you still have to seal the holes where you sew it on the frame If you want nylon, buy if from someone that knows kayaks and not a fabric store. You will not find anyone else that builds kayak as a business that uses a precoated fabric and there is a reason for that.
  9. Foldable defeats the fast and easy concept that we are based on. So no. For a true expedition I go with Vardo because of its volume.
  10. It is not that I mind people modifying them so much... when you modify it, it is no longer 'my design'. It is now a different boat and I am am in no way going to accept the liability by encouraging that. You are welcome to change anything you wish, just understand that when you do, it is your boat,not mine. You are now responsible for the boat then, not me.
  11. It is sewn on tight. You can not depend on shrinking it around the frame but I am convinced depending on shrinking any fabric is a bad idea. They relax and go slack after a while. So just sew it on tight to start with.
  12. I haven't because I can't find it. I can't remember anyone that has used it but I have been interested it trying it.
  13. Nothing is going to look like wood. So I countersink mine and put in wood plugs if I want to cover them. On my canoes rubrails I leave them exposed. I will ad that if you going to paint over it, Famowood filler. I have digging it on out my Chris Craft and it is some good stuff!
  14. The plywood coaming is designed to be screwed together, not sewn. Installation is covered in the Assembly Manual. Center it over the frames. In the photo it looks to far forward or you laminated beam is to far back.
  15. Not me, I have never made a metal keel?? EDIT: Just realized you were talking about the rub strip. I have used it a lot. Just use some half oval bronze like that used on traditional canoes.