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  1. Weekender for Free-Mostly

    This boat has been sold.
  2. New Shed

    Well, I guess I'm about to find out exactly how hard it will be to move the shed, I just had an offer accepted on a house! Looks like I'll need a party planner,,,,Shed moving party, interior paint party, exterior paint party,
  3. New Shed

    Yea Adla, I love this little house. It was built in 1928, the first in this little neighborhood. It is a Craftsman style bungalow. The owners bequeathed it to the Church next door upon thier death. We just had a countywide tax reevaluation, and it went from about 137,000 to 248,000,,,and they are asking 290,000.They are actually hoping to sell it to a developer, because the lot is zoned for 5 small houses or 6-8 townhomes.
  4. New Shed

    When I built my shop (12x20) I began by building two 6x10 skids with 12 foot lengths half lapped , glued and screwed together. Then a 2x8 floor system. (all so far in treated southern pine) spaced 16" on center. The one serious mistake I made was using true 8 ft 2x's for studs, wanting the extra ceiling height. The the second was building in a 4/12 roof with 1 ft overhangs. I am now searching for a house to buy, since the one I've been renting for 12 years is up for sale, and may have to cut 1/3 of the roof height off, flip it over and secure it , just to move it to the new lot! If that happens, I'll definately take pictures of the process and post em somewhere. Other than that, the floor is 3/4 a/c ply salvaged from built in shelving from an out of business Hancock Fabric store, the exterior is 5/8 T-111, roof sheathing is 1/2" osb, with 30# felt and 25 yr shingles. Inside there is a 100 amp 12 circuit service, 1/2" sheetrock the lower 4 feet, and 1/4" pegboard the upper 4. It is insulated, there are 3 120v outlet circuits, 1 240v with an outlet on both sides, a lighting circuit that covers inside and outside lighting, plus a circuit for the window style ac unit built in, and has heatstrips. Dang,,screw the new house,,,maybe I oughtta move into the shop!!!!
  5. Core Sound 20 Hull #102

    Off center response,,,,But,,,Ken, Try Capitol City Lumber,,,if you've got the tools to machine it,,they've got quite a nice variety of hardwoods, rough sawn, and now have a nice woodshop with the ability to machine the materials to the dimensions you need. Hillsborough St towards Raleigh,,,Right at the Waffle House, Right just past the railroad tracks, Cap City on the right.
  6. I have almost all the 18V tools in the Ryobi ONE PLUS line, and I love them! The company I work for provides DeWalt 18V cordless tools, and let me tell ya, The Ryobi drill/driver/hammer drill far outperforms the DeWalt. It is 3 speed Variable Speed, vs 2 speed va sp, bores holes in brick, block and concrete much faster, and costs $129.00 vs $269.00. The DeWalt batteries typically last 1 to 1 1/2 years, whereas I have a few Ryobi batteries about 5 years old still taking a charge. (By the way, I've taken my Ryobi drill to work with me for three years now,as well as the sawzall, because I like it that much more!) The line of tools is really extensive, encompassing just about everything you might want in your shop,,,saw, sawzall, jigsaw, router, planer, sanders, angle grinder, impact wrench, even a bench fan and radio! An added plus is Ryobi's new Lithium Ion Batteries, which cost $10 less than DeWalt's regular 18 volt battery.
  7. Island Girl Launched!

    Congratulations Joel! She looks right at home on the water. You did quite a beautiful job!
  8. new owner

    Good advice, Frank.
  9. new owner

    I would also say definately salvageable! Some serious cleaning, Some heavy sanding, Some epoxy filler, perhaps some fiberglass tape and fairing, some paint and some varnish, and you'll be SAILING very soon, my friend! Good Find!
  10. "Island Girl" progress

    Good Lord! Did y'all see that lawn?!? Oh,,,nice dang Weekender too!
  11. Almost ready

    She's a beauty, Gregg!
  12. Fun with a P22

    She's really coming along, Norman. I'm glad you are finally getting decent weather to work in. 8)
  13. Fun with a P22

    Looking good, Norm. I want to put seat hatches in my weekender, and now i'll remember to allow for fiberglass and fairing! I hope! ??? Thanks for the progress reports!
  14. Trial Rigging

    Those tanbark sails really add a nice touch to an already beautiful boat, Joel!
  15. Just to say hello

    A small boat to reach Pubs, what a brilliant, worthwhile endeavor. I'm sure these folks will give you all the help you can ask for!! Welcome to the madness!