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  1. a great day
  2. At last, cockpit paint and varnish are done (for now), as is deck varnish. Motor-mount brackets are installed and bracket adjusted so outboard will fold up and stay put. Keel half-rounds are installed. Now it's finally time for the fun stuff, like installing the centerboard and all the hardware and rigging for sailing. My aforementioned drop-dead, do-or-die, swear-on-a-dead-cat May 20 launch date was tied to a family event which has since been postponed, but I'm not far off. It feels great to be done with the cockpit paint. Don't look too close or you might see a few runs in paint/varnish.
  3. A guy in Good Old Boat wrote recently that there's never a final coat of varnish, only the most recent coat waiting for a sanding before the final coat. I'm with him.
  4. re " 1" 10 PH screws"... As Alan said, 1" is the length, "10" is the screw shaft diameter size (vs 8 or 6, both smaller), PH means pan-head (head above the surface), as opposed to FH or flat-head (countersunk, head flush with surface). Thanks for fotos, Alan.
  5. Probably not what you had in mind, but I stopped my rub rails short of the bow and just tapered them off. The bow will have to fend for itself, I guess, literally. The main reason was that I had 16-foot stock and the boat is 17 feet long. Looks fine, but I think you're going for a different look. Radius your outside corners?
  6. I painted my hull dark blue, which I like, but if it gets a scratch, the white primer shows through. I guess if the topcoat was white or the primer dark, the scratch wouldn't be so obvious. So the moral of the story might be to use primer and finish coat that are the same color. Except I really like dark blue.
  7. Just saw PAR's response, which was posted as I was typing. To my mind, the load on the sheet blocks is not in sheer, or at least it can be at a substantial angle. I'm happy with the thrubolt arrangement here.
  8. The plans show thru-screws/bolts for the eye straps that hold the sheet block and clew line aft and snotter block forward, so that's what I used. I plan to use wood screws for jam cleats and such once I fit them to the boat. I feel better knowing it's thru-bolted. Photo shows the aft end. Two bolts serve both eye straps.
  9. That looks really sharp. People don't realize how much work that involves. Good trick running the king plank across the hatch opening in one piece.
  10. Sanding gussets and such one final time before interior coats go on. I need to clearcoat some raw edges, screw holes, the bailer opening, etc., too. Is there really such a thing as "sanding one final time"?
  11. that's amazing. very neat.
  12. Thanks, guys. Greendane, the trailer is a Karavan. I see there is a dealer in Tacoma. Let me know if you're looking for more info. This was the lightest model.
  13. Just got back from winter storage! I hope the next photos will be trial rigging, or something else that actually looks like sailing. It won't be long now. Unless there's a hailstorm in a gale with lightning coming out of funnel clouds, formal christening is May 20.
  14. this might be it?? comes in white and other colors
  15. The perfect trip for your fine little ship.