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  1. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    For a minute I thought the dive weights were epoxied onto the hatch cover and were part of the system for keeping it pulled down tight. Ha.
  2. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Hi, Amos. Good progress and beautiful work.
  3. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Great to see your progress, Steve. Obviously your daughter is a fan as well.
  4. CS17 #339 launched

    Looks terrific. Excellent work. Happy to hear you're so happy with her.
  5. Marissa # 63

    Looks terrific.
  6. Spindrift 11n build in process

    all good. can't wait to see the photos.
  7. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    I'm fortunate to get non-ethanol gas at the yacht club, where we have it in the fuel pump specifically for the marine engines in use there. It does seem to make a difference. I know I'm tempting fate, but I put some stabilizer in last fall (both in the fuel tank and ran it through the engine when I ran the engine dry) and everything worked this spring. Fingers crossed.
  8. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    I noticed you had the Suzuki back on board at the messabout and meant to ask. Suzuki seemed to do ok? I know it's a different issue, but my Suzuki ran almost like a different engine after I ran it through the first gallon or so, i.e., after it was broken in. The manual advised a break-in period, but I was surprised at the difference it made. After that initial period, it now idles like it should, including running at low speed to allow shifting without a big thump. Also starts reliably and predictably, like it should, without undo fussing back and forth with choke and throttle. Basically a one-pull engine now. So, maybe after you get your new fuel pump on the Tohatsu, then get a chance to run it for a few hours, everything and everyone will be happy.
  9. Spindrift 10 build

    When kids find they're capable of taking the boat out themselves, it opens new worlds.
  10. Spindrift 10 build

    Looks like great progress. I bet your kids will want to get in on the action soon.
  11. CS 17 #191 build

    Excellent work on the coaming. I couldn't get my head around that, so I squared off the corners. Yours looks great.
  12. B&B Messabout 2017

    Here are a few more photos from the messabout. First we see Joe and Sally skimming along on Sunday afternoon in their 22. It's such a fast and weatherly boat. They were headed down the bay and camped out overnight. Chick's famous Summer Breeze, doing what she does best: This take-apart-boat was a winner: Such a great setting: Heading out on CarrieB, CS17, on Friday afternoon:
  13. Sailing the CS17

    For higher winds, and assuming you mean sailing upwind: Reef, of course. Then try to sail the boat flat rather than heeled up on its ear. So head up into the puffs, rather than trying to drive through them. And don't pull the main in too far. Keep the main sprit out at about the coaming edge or a little inboard. The mizzen can be tight. It takes some concentration to keep the boat from getting caught by a puff but it's so responsive you can head up a bit into the puff if you're paying attention.
  14. B&B Messabout 2017

    Got back to Milwaukee yesterday afternoon, after a stop to visit cousins in Virginia. Today it's 41 degrees, gray, blowin'. These pictures bring such good memories of some great days with the B&B family. I'll post some more shots soon. It was wonderful to meet everyone and spend some time in the B&B home waters. Great boats, great folks.
  15. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly 2"

    A sailing tips thread would be great. I'm looking forward to some good practice time with tips at the messabout.