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  1. Aluminum CS17 for sale - possibly!

    Oh, she's a tank alright. But a fleet footed one! At least I think so, and talk about stable!
  2. Aluminum CS17 for sale - possibly!

    Move to top. Boy I just priced up the aluminum I used and it appears to have shot up over 428% in five years. Unbelievable.
  3. Aluminum CS17 for sale - possibly!

    Wow, I just reread my post! The Aluminum sheet used was 3/16" and 1/8" NOT 3/4" and 1/4!!!!
  4. Hi everyone, Given my financial situation and some unforseen medical expenses, I am actually considering selling the Tin Bin. A few of you know of my boat, a few of you don't. I will attach a picture or two for the latter. I'm not sure what I should be asking for it, I feel I know what it's worth to me, but doubt I could get that amount. But if there are any interested parties, please feel free to call or email and we can bash out a number! As for the boat, again for those that don't know about the Tin Bin, here's some info. Hull and bulkheads are 3/8" 5051 Marine grade aluminum. (Practically bombproof!) Seats and deck are 1/4" 5051. Complete and ready to sail. Amazingly nimble for her 750lb fighting weight. She's a little rough and ready, and I can't say I wasn't completely done finishing her, but that's the nice thing about working in this material, it's waterproof, painted or not! It's mainly the inside areas that need prettying up, otherwise shes perfectly usable as she is. I've had a few memorable camping trip with her and talk bout solid and stable in a swell! Also, she'll clip along at 7 knots on half throttle from a 4hp outboard. Anyway, I can divuldge more to those interested. FYI, she's in Juneau, Alaska and shipping to Seattle would be a piece of cake. We get two big freight barges per week. Thanks for your time. Styge Smith - styge@gci.net - 907 364 4694 (well, not having much luck posting pics, so call me and I'll email you some!)
  5. here's a couple more
  6. Here's some pics from this past week. I was able to take her out twice during the week. Both days were very light and variable (probably a good thing!) and she behaved wonderully. I can't wait for a bit more wind.
  7. Tin Bin: Icy pictures from March

    Here's some more. And now that I know that they posted. These were from early March. We had a very heavy snowfall this winter, upto three feet fell at one point. We also had all the snow from the roof come down into the yard right in front of the boat and buried the neighbors car. Anyway, as the boat was somewhat out of sight ( and therefore out of mind) it filled with snow very early on. Then it melted and refroze into a solid block of ice. This was added to by more than three feet of snow. I had my hands full with work and keeping the driveway clear till I noticed the boat leaning to one side. I figured the wheel had sunk into the ground a little. It was another two weeks or so before I dug my way close enough to the trailer to see that both tires had burst from the weight. So, I tried jacking the traier up and snapped a suspension spring in the process. I eventually got it up off the trailer on blocks. It then had to sit there in a block of ice for another month or so. It's just as well I went with Aluminum, othwise I would now be boat less. No major damage was done. A coupole of seat panels got a little bulged form water being inside the seat compartments and freezing. Not much I can do about that and as far as I can tell after two sail trials now, doesn't seem to have negaively effected anything. Anyway, heres a couple more pics. Enjoy! Oh, and I'm seriously considering changing Tin Bin's name to Endurance. I certainly felt like Shakleton a few times, this past Winter!
  8. Let try this again, Here's some pics from March. I'll see if the pics post before going into detail.
  9. New Forum Software

    Okay, We're getting there. I have the program and tried twice last night to post but now I'm getting a comment back stating " the upload folder is full" So what's that about? I'm starting to think I'm cursed!
  10. Tin Bin getting wet!

    Well Ray, Gen the complete lack of of sandy coastline, except for two small stretches, and that Juneau sits in the middle of a temperate rain forest, wood didn't seem like a viable option. As for the sheet, it wasn't cheap, I was making good money that year. I haven't checked, but I dread to think what it would cost now, with the way all raw material cost have soared in the past few years.
  11. Tin Bin getting wet!

    Weight is around 800ls. Pretty hefty, but when all said and done, it only sits an inch deeper in the water!
  12. New Forum Software

    Ooops, I just notced your post. sorry, I'm on a time crunch. It seems my new post is still valid though as the size of the file seems to be my sticking point. I look forward to your advice. Thanks again!
  13. New Forum Software

    Frank, I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking, but I am having one heck of a time trying to post a picture. I have tried adding a photo as an attachment and I get an error because the file is larger than 192Kb. Just one of my photos is 791Kb and thats after I have dumbed it down to 600 x 800 pixels! Am I doing something wrong. I pretty conversant with PC's. Not so much with digital photo editing. Is there a way to reduce the file size to meet the limit, or am I missing something out completely? I would greatly appreciate your help. I am running XP and Explorer 7. Thanks
  14. I experienced a defining moment today. I took Tin Bin out complete with her sails. It was a wonderful sunny day, calm, just a hint of wind. Perfect for the first trial run. She was perfectly mannered, we ghosted along and came about on a dime, even when it seemed like there was no wind at all. I can't wait to see how she handles with a slightly fresher breeze. I'd post pictures, if I could figure out the process! I've tried several times to post my "Tin Bin encased in ice" pics. As soon as I figure it out, I'll post 'em.
  15. New Forum Software

    Frank, I am having one heck of a time tryig to post some pictures. Do I click on the insert image icon, or click on the add attachment button. Either way, I'm not having any luck. What's really frustrating is that I'm pretty handy with a computer! So, what am I missing? Please help. I've got lots a ics to post!