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  1. marissa eco 18 finished

  2. Belhaven's cabin

    I never thought the Belhaven would look good with the more traditional cabin type like the Princess. I love the looks of the Princess it looks good with that type of cabin because it match's the more traditional looking hull perfectly. The Belhaven has a much more modern looking hull so the cabin is modern looking. As for head room the Belhaven actually has more head room by a few inches. The cabin is not as long though. For its size, the Belhaven as it is will be hard to beat for comfort. The only change I would make if I built another one would to build in a serious ice hold. I use mine for two weeks at a time.
  3. Catalina 22 with trailer

    1976 Catalina 22 swing keel. This boat was sanded epoxy primed and painted with 2 part poly. Standing rigging is very good and all lines are new. Trailer was rebuilt with the exception of paint, including a new heavier duty axle. A lot of sails come with it (5). It has been sitting in covered storage for 5 years so it does need cleaned up a bit. Swim ladder, 9.9 runs great, completely rewired by a electrician, new swing keel cable. This boat has the pop top with canvas. Heavy built Bimini from Catalina Direct. $5500 Scott 812-686-8441
  4. Carlita's new adventure

    I'm going to love keeping up with this adventure. I have spent a lot of time at Oak Island NC where Graham is at now, love the place when its not prime time. Hope he really enjoys himself on this trip. Scott
  5. Carlita's new adventure

    The longest trip I made with my Belhaven I ever got to do was 275 miles. I loved every minute of it! I know you will love it. Take a lot of pictures and keep a log, it would make a great story for Small Craft Advisor mag. Scott
  6. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    Those look really nice Chick. I like the leathers, the new sail track shouldn't dig into those.
  7. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    Not this year, but maybe Grahams mess-about.
  8. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    As always Chic very professional looking.
  9. Appalachian mess-about

    I'm going to have to throw together another Belhaven so I quit missing out on these outings!
  10. Official Watertribe EC/UFC 2016 event discussion.

    Very nice, Hope you both kick B>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. down there.
  11. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Call me a big girl but I wouldn't want any air flow from the anchor locker, with the sea bed smell filling the cabin. Scott
  12. Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

    Looks very nice and the color is perfect :)
  13. Belhaven masts construction

    I used onlinemetals.com for my Belhaven masts. You can get 3.5 with .125 wall the next section 2.75 with .065 wall and the last 2.5 with .065 wall. Shipping was cheap also. Scott
  14. manual propulsion

    Chick Don't make them, if you do you will eventually be tempted to use them. Oars are a horrible invention for modern times. Never touch one or look at one with lustful eyes. There are curses that come with them, like aching muscles and the very liberal thought that no smoke from an engine is good, plus many more unpleasing things. Run from the evil desire to build such a horrible device and embrace an Evinrude!!!!!! The smell of burnt oil is much more pleasant than the thought of killing thy liver with Advil. Scott
  15. Painting Wisdom

    Looks very nice and the color is perfect. Scott