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  1. OB 24 #2

    Thanks again Paul
  2. OB 24 #2

    Thanks for the info, where can I get the button head fasteners and rubber washers, I don't know what a button head screw looks like.
  3. OB 24 #2

    Happy New Year everyone! I need your advice, I want to build a split windscreen one that opens on the top side for ventilation, I've seen some on some lobster picnic boats but not in person, I intend to use plexiglass 1/4" . Do any of you have a plan to build it? Thanks Russell
  4. Utah OB20

    I used Raptor staples on my OB24#2 worked great. Much easier than screws.
  5. Welcome to Bluejacket Boats forum

    Tom, I am building the OB24 #2, What type/ weight of anchor and line would you suggest for this size boat? Thanks Russell
  6. The Old Mullet skiff

    This is very similar to the oyster boats out at Dolphin Island Ala The owners would take the motor off and sink them at their mooring when a big storm was coming. Pump them out at low tide and were ready to go again.
  7. Ocracoke 256 #3

    I love the teak! What are the dimensions for the strips? Would Iroko be a good substitute? Thanks
  8. OB 24 #2

    Brings to my mind" Pilar" Hemmingway's boat! I would love to go to Cuba to see it! $$$
  9. OB 24 #2

    Thanks for the kind words, still many miles to go on this journey.
  10. OB 24 #2

    Some one could help me with this issue the files are less than 16mb?? Thanmks
  11. OB 24 #2

  12. OB 24 #2

  13. OB 24 #2

  14. OB 24 #2

    I don't know what the problem is can't upload pic's
  15. OB 24 #2

    This is an update to my build, This is for Kenneee