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  1. OB 24 #2

    Thanks for the kind words, still many miles to go on this journey.
  2. OB 24 #2

    Some one could help me with this issue the files are less than 16mb?? Thanmks
  3. OB 24 #2

  4. OB 24 #2

  5. OB 24 #2

  6. OB 24 #2

    I don't know what the problem is can't upload pic's
  7. OB 24 #2

    This is an update to my build, This is for Kenneee
  8. OB 24 #2

  9. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Is there different types of foam for boat cushions? Thanks
  10. Spindrift 12 build log

    After several years of working with epoxy I developed an allergy to it, I I got some on my arms,no matter how I cleaned if off it would itch for many days, I always use gloves but it seems to always get on my arms, I found some Tyvek sleeves on the internet, ( about $20 for ten) They work very well and last a long time.
  11. OB 24 #2

    Thanks,this is what I needed.
  12. OB 24 #2

    I the pictures above look at the upper right picture of the cockpit the top side boards reaching to the stern.
  13. OB 24 #2

    In an answer to the question regarding the ply at the rear gunnel, I read somewhere that might be called a "wash board" and if there is a board on the inside at the floor it might be called a "mop board", I am unsure how to cover the top of the ply, one way would be to round it over and apply several coats of epoxy to seal the edges and another way would be to overlay a cap on the edge. I would like to know how to make the cap flexible enough to make the bends necessary for the sharp curves? I like that look but don't know the how to. Welcome any suggestions form you all,
  14. OB 24 #2

    It's like in a country song," I've never been this far before" every day I work on this project is new ground for me. I spend more time in my "moaning chair" than actual work on the boat.
  15. OB 24 #2

    I am not sure at this point, I made some mistakes along the way and the bow area didn't fit as well as it should be. I think I will make a cap rail to cover the edge and double as a toe rail. Someone told me along the way "it's not whether you make mistakes---" it's how well you cover them up what counts" I'm an expert in the cover up part!