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  1. new website

    Number six or even eight should be OK, six being better than eight. I have a 24 volt electric for my vac. and I have some # 8 handy but will use # 6. The batteries will be in the forepeak for better weight distr.
  2. Epoxy Paste, Tiga 321

    Moving this post forward because of the recent interest in filets on keel to bottom.
  3. Hardwood bow spirit?

    Laminate would be stronger than solid wood and less likely to warp. Use the D.Fir.
  4. Keel Fillet

    You might want to fill the area with wood first. Cut a triangle from 3/4 stock, and glue where the keel meets the bottom from bow to stern. Then use epoxy thickened to complete the rest. You can save a lot of money doing it this way. I know a number of builders have done this. Home Depot only has polyester as far as I know.
  5. Weekender Plans for sale

    I sold my Weekender plans just recently. Got about 75% of what they sell for at present, plus shipping. Had them up for sale about 8-9 months. I also used the "Classified" section of this forum. Mike Stevenson will change "ownership" if the new owner of your plans will let him know or you could tell him.
  6. Overnight in the Weekend

    Tom, You should get busy and build that Hartley 21. You would fit just right in that one. Also it would be a little faster for more thrills.
  7. Ok...

    Frank's right. A Gedunk Stand is a place on Naval Bases where you get junk food. A gedunk gofer is the one who goes and get the junk stuff for the rest of the group, usally the lowest ranking member.
  8. Signing Off

    Sorry about my being upset about Paul's move. I knew he was looking for a place. We go back to the days when the BYYB was formed. We were both charter members and both became disenchanted at about the same time. He does make a great suit of sails and the price is right also. I guess things just came apart sooner then he thought it would. So for all you builders out there, go to ultasail.com and order those sails now.
  9. Signing Off

    OK, So I got a little hot under the collar. Yes I paid Paul for my sails about two years ago, knowing I would not need them until this year. Paul needed some help at that time. I got the jib early this year and wanted the main last month. I have talked with Paul two or three months ago and he said he would get right on the project. Not a word since. Now it will be serval months before he can get it put together I'M sure. I did know Paul was looking for new digs but was unaware he had found a place. Don't get me wrong, Paul does build great sails and I've heard he does deliver mostly on time. It's just that in my case somehow the delivery fell thru a crack. Don't let my experience with Ulta Sails cause you to not buy from Paul. Paul does not like to deliver sails too far ahead of the need. In this regard I feel he is wrong. His feeling is that the sails will get messed up if they lay around to long before being bended onto the boat. This should not be his concern but the concern of the buyer.
  10. Registered and Nearing launch!

    Knots are required on each side of the steering shaft in the rope. Use a figure eight knot.
  11. Signing Off

    Thanks a lot Paul. Where is my main sail I paid for over two years ago. I guess you didn't get my phone message this morning. I need it NOW so I can rig all the rigging. You could have at least let me know your running off to a foreign land. If anyone thinks this is a joke, well it's not. Help someone out when he's down and out and this is the thanks I get. I'm pissed.
  12. Dog Gone Ballast!

    Mike! I have a five horse 2 cly with only about 15 hours on it and it's for sale. Located in Mount Vernon, Washington at my brothers. If interested let me know by e-mail. Arnie Eaton aeeaton@cybernet1.com
  13. Sea Scouts

    Great place to learn the basics of boating, plus how to have a great life. I spent 8 years with a Sea Scout Ship in Everett Washington while growing up. 50 foot gaft schooner rigged ship called the "SSS Ramwell". An experience I'll never forget.
  14. Ya know some days

    Paul, I didn't turn off anything because a friend was staying a few nites and also watching my cat. Something in the tank of one of the upstairs toilets broke and allowed lots of water to get somehow on the floor, then downstairs to the living room, dining room, and kitchen area, from there down into the basement. Wiped out all the carpet upstairs and 1st floor area. Cabinets had to come out to get to the walls in the kitchen to dry them out. They were built in so were wrecked takeing them out. We will be camping in the front yard until about mid to late June. Never again will I go overnite without shutting the house down. (Cat to the kennels) Arnie. P.S.: The jib didn't get wet in the basement.
  15. Ya know some days

    None of you above know what a BAD day is. Came back from a 10 day vacation to find our nice home flooded with water. Three stories with ruined capet, water in walls, kitchen cabinets falling apart. It will be at least 30 days before all is restored. New capet, new cabinets, new laminate, and living in a 21 foot travel trailer for that long. Sure glad I have very good insurance. No the boat is just fine, but work has come to a halt. Garage and shop filled with furniture and all the rest. To all, have a NICE day.