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  1. Launching "Lark"

    Thanks, Oyster! I used stich and tape (the plans also give an option for ply on frame). The hull is 6 mm meranti, transom is 3/4 inch birch and centerboard case 9 mm meranti. I used yellow pine for frames, seats, floorboards, etc. Skeg and coaming are white oak. Masts are solid laminated spruce, and the sprits are just closet rod.
  2. Launching "Lark"

    After 8 plus months, Lark had her first official sail in Pamlico Sound. The hull is the Selway-Fisher Chincoteage Skiff. I didn't like the gaff rig that is specified in the plans--It just didn't seem right. I really liked the look of the ketch rig of the Bessie Lee chincoteague skiff, but a custom made set of sails wasn't in the budget. After some drawing and calculating, I thought the Coresound 17 rig would fit well, and fit my budget! Happily, I was correct! I haven't posted before this, but lurked in several discussions. Thanks to all who unknowingly were a great help in Lark's construction.