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  1. Hoys-ta-Sale complted

    There yea are-99.99% finished.By hooks or by crooks I sure am first in SA!Sailed her the week before and this weekend.First time we sailed on her maiden "voyage" the whole family were on the boat accept my eldest son who is now working near Underwood-ND.The wind was gusty so I decided to wait till later the afternoon for the wind to calm down a bit.We kept close to shore and the jetty to avoid some 5 miles rowing back and the wind petered out.I could hardly feel the breeze on my cheek and still the shore was far away so I decided to run with the wind from astern moving about half a yard /second to the shore. And then all of a sudden we could hear a gust aproaching and then seeing the rippling on the water I just knew I have more trouble than I have bargained for.The only option was to turn the wheel and when the gust reached us the boat gained momentum and I turned her around 180 deg and then the full gust hit us keeping her in irons-phew the turnaround was speedy and Linda being on a sailboat for the first time in her live did not like the manoeuvre very much-to such an extent that she did not come along this weekend. However no damage except for the clubfoot that split where the screw-eye entered it.This weekend the wind was quite strong so we waited again and then Ruan and I sailed-the wind differs from moderate to fresh and we really enjoyed it coming back just before the sun dipped in the west.We took this photo but there was some clouds before the sun so the colours are a bit faded. As an afterthought-we would not win a regatta easily at this stage but we would always be first in our class :idea: ...... in SA!! To have a look go to:http://groups.msn.com/SandbarsandDriftwood/hoystasalecompleted.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=655
  2. Quench my curiosity

    or do we have some different measurements????????????????????
  3. Quench my curiosity

    Just to quench my curiosity .With the clubfoot hooked to the eyebolt keeping it "level"and to the centre of the mast what is the measurement between the rear tip of the clubfoot and the front side of the mast?Please indicate if you have guessed or measured.Thanxalot
  4. This one is OK and should actually be viewed first.
  5. Should read outside P2..........punched in the words to fast I see :shock:
  6. At the rear of the rudderbox I cut a square out to attach a piece of flatbar to hold two eyebolts to wich the two steeringlines are knotted.The eyebolts are used for tensioning your steering lines -be careful not to overtension! There you are-enjoy it. Abe [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  7. I'll send this in two parts-inside the lazarette and at the rear of the rudderbox. Everything stays the same until your steeringline reaches the tiller arm-instead of knots I shaped a yoke at the front-shape it round on the inside and the lower lip of the yoke was tapered down and sanded a bit round.The line passes around the yoke from both sides as to wedge the tillerarm betwix the two lines.The small brackets were screwed flush with the top of the tillerarm to help keep the steeringlines as high as possible and prevent them from slipping over the lower lip of the yoke.Remember the lines has to pass on the oposite side of the direction it came from on the tiller arm.If you do not want to make a yoke you can just attach the two brackets but then the line should stay on the same side of the tiller arm. The pulley on each side were placed as near as possible to the transom to help the lines to stay in the yoke.P2 at the rear of the rudderbox. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  8. Thanxalot

    A word of thanks to all the folks that help and assist me especially at the beginning during the first stages of my Weekender's building.Most of the group might not know of my exsistance as people come and go or might even forgot about me because I did not respond a lot but I still think I am the first to built a Weekender in South Africa. After 3 years and having to move three times I am finally finishing my Weekender in a week or two.I sticked to most of the plans but made some changes to the steering after I have been pondering on it for two and a half years.What upsets me the most of the steering mechanism is the u-bolt that protrudes outside the boat(on the rubrail) and all the knots that have to be made inside the lazarette.So an idea just pop up to get the adjusting outside and at the rear of the rudder.After all who wants to scar a ladies face or scratch yourself everytime you pass by it or even worse in a situation of "man overboard"he might receive two parallel red lines from his back shoulder to well some part south of his anatomy............. To try to describe it would take a stack of time and perhaps some overheating of my dutch brain.They always say something like; a picture says more than a thousand words so I would gladly share my idea with the group and if Mike find it worthwhile he are just as welcome to include it as a second option on the steering plans.During my schooldays I had a teacher that taught us the following: "The Americans have a motto"-"Everything you can do I can do better"I don't think I have done it better but I sure hope I it is just as good:-))Feel free to use it or mail it to the dustbin but when -ever you use it just mention to it as "the South African's version;\(" So if anybody of you are willing to get the digital photos on the discussion board or at a webpage I would e-mail you some images with short descriptions-as mentioned under the above "condition" and as long as it is free and that the idea belongs to the group and the Weekender plans. This ol lady is going to be "baptized" Span-ni-sijl" it mite look like Chinese but if I translate it freely it would sound something like this: ''Hoyst-ta-sale" Well to everybody-thanxalot-keep on making some sawdust! Abe