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  1. staysail

    thanks - not sure i totally get it, but helpful Joe
  2. staysail

    I built a CS17 a few years ago. I am now comfortable sailing it and want to add the staysail for light wind days. I have the sail but I am not sure how to rig it. Can someone provide some help, please? Joe
  3. I bent them to match the hull and used thickened epoxy where the fit was not tight. this is more or less like bedding the keel stringer.
  4. bollard or cleat for CS17

    thanks for the discussion and the correction in terms. although i looked up bollard again and it was originally used on ships as well as on shore - Vetus still calls it a bollard. nevertheless i will alter my vocab. i did ultimately decide that putting the clear before the mast didn't make any sense. Since the king plank extends beyond the forward bulkhead, i can through-bolt it there where it is in reach of the cockpit and send lines forward through chocks at the bow. Joe
  5. bollard or cleat for CS17

    thanks PAR - i considered that but was not sure it was strong enough. I will check out the West web site.
  6. bollard or cleat for CS17

    I agree in principle but the problem is that you can build the CS17 without a hatch in the bow compartment. Therefore I have no way to through-bolt it. I might be able to put an inspection port in the forward bulkhead, but even then i am not sure I can reach around the mast tube. joe
  7. CS17 staysail

    Can anyone show me how the CS17 staysail is rigged? joe
  8. bollard or cleat for CS17

    I built the CS17 without a hatch in the bow. I am planning to keep the boat at a dock and need a bollard or cleat on the bow. Presumably i should have through bolted before i put on the deck, but since i didnt i was wondering if anyone has a suggestion. I can use the bow ring but it is a little awkward to get at. Joe
  9. CS17 rub rails

    thanks guys. I was actually thinking about teak or mahogany. where would i get bronze? joe
  10. CS17 rub rails

    thanks - I agree that the SS is too expensive. I kind of like the brass - will it tarnish or be a problem to maintain. The advantage of the metal strip is that it will take more wear and tear than the wood and will be a bit less work. The boat will be moored at the dock and not trailered. joe
  11. CS17 rub rails

    I am close to completing my CS17 and I want to add rub rails. Stainless steel is always a good choice but the color doesnt seem to compliment the boat well. I was thinking about brass half-round vs wood. So my questions are does brass half round stand up well without corroding? Do people think the SS is the best approach? and finally is there a good supplier for wooden mouldings or should i make these myself. Joe
  12. CS17

    thanks Ray
  13. CS17

    The CS 17 kits come with 4 precut plywood mast cradles. Does anyone know how they are rigged? Joe
  14. topside paint

    thanks. i am thinking about the system 3 WR-LPU because it is water soluble. I have had pretty good luck with system 3 primer
  15. topside paint

    Does anyone have strong feelings about the best topside paint for the CS17? I have been looking at Perfection, Brightsides, Epiphanes monourethane, and System 3. All have pros and cons. Joe