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  1. working with epoxy indoors

    Joe and P Doug, I had also thought of mixing a small test batch epoxy...my clincher argument. Thanks for responding. Also, thanks to Mike for the fume hood idea, I'll investigate further. A big reason for deciding to build the CS 20 is the forum.
  2. working with epoxy indoors

    Thanks Garry, P Doug, Scott and Frank for your replies, I'll use them in my closing arguments.
  3. working with epoxy indoors

    I am considering building a CS 20 in my basement but I'm worried the smell of epoxy fumes could asphyxiate my marriage. I'm prepared to isolate and mechanically ventilate the work space but still wonder if that will prove sufficient to eliminate the odours? Anyone with experience in this regard, I'd appreciate your suggestions. I recall reading about one brave builder who I think built his CS 17 in his living room; but now can't find his note.
  4. Inspiration

    Thanks for the picture Brent. For the longest time I had one of your previous pictures as wall paper for our computer desk top.. until my son changed it for a picture motorcycle.
  5. More CS 20 piccies, not very exciting though

    Rob, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post this information. Once I create a building site I hope to build a CS20 and your text and pictures will be a good resource.
  6. I'm trying to decide between building a CS17 and CS20. Trailer ability is an important consideration for me and I wonder if folks owning a CS 20 find it an easy or difficult boat to trailer launch and retrieve? Can the job be handled by a single person?
  7. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and would like to hear from CS 17 owners and builders living in either B.C. or Washington state. I'm interested in either buying or building a CS17.