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  1. BRS 15 For sale

    Age has caught up with me. I have a BRS 15 marine plywood, fiberglass, epoxy. Trailer and poly tarp sails. Arthritis and slow reflexes make it difficult for me to sail except on most days. I think I must take up fishing or pontooning. Plan # 127. I have photos but don;t know how to load them on the computer. The boat is in central lower Michigan. I have no ideal what it is worth but I will start about 2K. Tom Distel DISTELTK@COMCAST.NET
  2. how can i chanage to a tabernacle

    Thanks for all the info. I think the best for me is to build a tabernacle with slope from the cockpit. I will make a cutout in the deck and buldl a ramp to the mast can be slid in and pushed up from the cockpit. I will have an above deck portion the I can bolt the mast in a fixed postion. The mizen mast is not a problem. Great site with a lot very useful information. Thanx again Tom D. BRS 15 plan 127
  3. My BRS 15 main mast is getting difficult for me to mount. I have heard about tabernacles. Does anyone have plans or ideas to build one into my fordeck. I trailer my boat each time I sail usually at a local small lake. Help thanx tom d
  4. Maybe selling BRS15 getting old for 2 mast

    I used to roll the sails on the masts. The time to rig was faster than with the track. HOWEVER the problem was mounting the main mast on the deck. The extra weight was the reason I went to sail track. My problem is 74 years and not as physically adept as I was a few years ago. The mizzen is not a problem yet. I trailer my boat each time I sail. Most sailing is on a small local lake for a few hours. It is good advise though, and much quicker rigging..
  5. My BRS 15 plan #127 has been a great boat. The boat is much more secure on the water than the skipper. It was built with Meranti plywood. Painted with marine paint. The mast have sailtracks and sails or made of polytarp. Trailer is an older one but good tires and spare wlith bearing buddies. Don't know what it may be worth but no special extras. I think I needed a smaller (easier to rig and sail solo) boat at 74 I am slowing down but still want to sail. I don't know how ro post photos but if I can find some I can find help posting. tom distel lansing mi
  6. Too old for 2 masts on BRS 15

    I started to look at a jprevious post on a yawl rig for CS15 and found a lot of information that may help me. I wil check out some of that advice. My only question is are may mast as built stromg enough free standing to support a 90+ lug sail? thanks for this great site. tom d
  7. I have a BRS 15 and sail on a local lake and trailer each trip. I built the 3rd mast step and am wondering if the mast is strong enough to support a lug sail of pproximately the same area? I am well over 70 and love to sail but two masts and sails to rig for only a few hour sail is becomming a hinderence and I don't sail as ofter as I would like. Any info or possible options would be grateful. I would even concidering selling and gettting a smaller boat or converting my Birder II to a sailing boat. Thanks tom D. BRS15,Birder II
  8. BRS 15

    i can't find my 1 2 items on the keel batten either. I built my BRS 15 several years ago. I don't remember any major problems with most of the boat. My best memory was that i clamped the batten to the transoupme and both the temporary frame and forward frame. I then pulled the bow secton down so i could line up the amount needed to removeto fit in, Any material removal i would have used a plane and using estimating to trim as needed. NOTE: I used lot of epoxy thickend to fit parts, After painting wood and filler are not noticable. I enjoy my boat qnd find it easy to sail. The boat is much more stable and safe that the skipper. I have sailed it in weather the i was very nervus about getting back upright. Tom Distel BRS 127 Lansing, Mil
  9. Birder seats

    I have used 2 types of seats for my Birder . The first required that I had a 3/4 x 3/4 runner approx 16" apart. These are epoxied to the cockpit doubler. This I used to mount each seat. The next riser was designed to pinch on the runners. The 1st seat was a 3" high riser with a folding bleacher seat attached. This was ok except it was difficult to keep the seat attached to the riser. I built a seat per B & B plans and it worked ok. Like above I only use my kayak for sevral hours at a time. I find the hard back a little tiring after a few hours. My plans are to buy a kayak replacement seat and attach it to base similar to my original riser with a webbing or padded seat area. Tom D.
  10. Longer Cockpit for Diva?

    I have a Birder II. I like the large cockpit and use it as a solo paddler. I paddled mostly on a inland lake with a lot of power boats. A lot of chop and cross waves. I had no problem with that. I added a keel (3/4 x 1) most of the length. It tracks straight as an arrow. However it does not turn very well for narrow water travel. My only companion was a son-in-law with a 12' kayak. I had no trouble paddling wtih him for several hours. I don't know what it would be like with experienced paddlers competitive kayaks. Tom D.
  11. Dark Hull Colors?

    Black or very dark on the deck or any surface that the sun gets too Will ger $%@# ful HOT. I tried it on an old boat and scrapped it off after a short ride(darkBlue) tom d
  12. We really need to challenge and change cultural norms.

    My 1st marriage was an elopment. My wife, a single friend and another couple that were life long friends. The minister was a part time preacher that I worked with at a department store. I bought a ring for a couple $100, the wedding cost $25 to the minister. The singe friend had a Porche that we borrowed for a 2 day weekend honeymoon. Cheap motels and diners. She died after nearly 30 years together and 3 sons. Second marriage was to a widow with over 27 years and 2 children. Kathy and I have been together almost 19 years. We paid the priest $50 and being parish members no cost for the church. No honeymoon we were consenting adults. Reception was family members and only a few friends in our basement. No financing of anything in any of my marriages and so far all has been very positive. tom d
  13. Best source for okoume 1088

    I get my plywood from LL Johnson. They have both Okoume and Merranti. Both are more expensive than what normal big box store plywoods. They have a store in South Bend. If you search LL Johnsonworkbench you can contact the South Bend store Okoume is some what lighter in weight than the Merranti. Tom D. BRS 15 Birder II everal others not from B & B
  14. Boat crack CS17

    I keep my (BRS15) centerboard up by having a wooden dowel accross the trunk close to the handle. This is held by an eye screwed on each side of the trunk. My boat sits on a trailer for long periods of time and many miles of travel and never drops with this setup.. No photo or drawing. Sorry Tom D.
  15. Intro

    I built a BRS 15 several years ago. I have 2 coats of expoxy on the bottom and 1 on the sides The chines are taped double and epoxied. I have 3 coats of paint and it looks quit nice. I also used the hydrocal plywood. In my area it was a little less than Okoume. My boat is trailer sailed. I have had very little sand or stone beaches to worry about. Bottom still looks good. I like sailing the boat but do not get out enouth. good sailing tom d BRS 127