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  1. The Old Mullet skiff

    Great story......and thanks for the large font
  2. For drilling a prop shaft....

    Thanks for the replies...gonna rethink things
  3. which bit would you suggest....
  4. Sizing the prop...........

    Looking to size a prop for a 25HP inboard @ 3600 rpm...there are numerous sites out there for performing the calculations but this one appears to request the pertinent info VICTORIA PROPELLERSBased on the requested criteria...they suggest a 11.1" x 7" 3 blade propAny other considerations I should look at.....thanksWL 17.5' x 5.5'Displacement type hull..... 1,900 lbsGearing 1.45:1Draft 5"Speed 10 Knots
  5. CS17 MK3 - RONIN

    Great build!!! How exactly did you attach the block & tackle to the hull???
  6. 15" Dory Skiff

    Same here...what a bueat!! Everyone would have to board in stocking feet only...no eating or drinking....don't forget to wash hands before boarding..... Great job!!!
  7. WTH??? Thought I had already replied to this thread....how rude!! Anyway thanks for the responses...as a time saver I figured I could just order these parts and slap them on when I reached that stage...evidently from the replies it will be more practical to fabricate myself which is fine...I have welder, torches, etc and a metal scrap yard next to my office. I am proceeding with the build of a Atkins design (1938) "Huskie" which will fit my current needs...I pick up my wood package tomorrow that I had ordered a month ago...pretty much the entire boat will be built with 7/8" cypress.... of course once I get going in earnest, I'll start a build thread which everyone can critique as I go along...right now the wood will have to season a few months.... Just realized the PAR is within a 1/2 hr drive of my location......may have to gather some refreshments and pay him a visit shortly...
  8. Easy question for the masses....

    No...and yes its a planked bottom....good luck on finding other builds or pics....I couldn't find any...lots of info on the Rescue Minor which is kinda similar... Huskie by Atkins
  9. Contemplating building this Atkins design boat...noticed this conflict and don't know which way to go if I proceed with the build....of course no one is left at Atkins to answer the question...what say ye?? Thanks
  10. Attempting to get my act together and would appreciate any input on these components (shoe, rudder post, etc)....seems like all my searching only turns up one part at a time........thanks
  11. Good morning from Switzerland

  12. Build time and complexity

    Thats funny and exactly correct!!
  13. Wooden Bimini for Spindrift

    Looks great.....can you post a up close pic of how you hinged the bimini to fold up....thanks