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  2. I decided to build a fishing boat for my 30 lb. thrust trolling motor....A comfortable lightweight 2 seater.....
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  4. Marissa # 63

    Them trindadian girls
  5. Marissa # 63

    Gotcha. My wife is from Trinidad where Carib is headquartered. I can spot that logo a mile away. By far my favorite lager...but I will admit that I'm not much of a beer drinker anyway.
  6. An other OC20 build !!

    That's looking very good
  7. An other OC20 build !!

    First layer of epoxy primer sprayed !
  8. Marissa # 63

    Friday went well i think. Did a little dry fitting. On another note the Epoxy and Matt ETC landed as promised so i have no excuse I do seem to have cocked up bulkhead #2 but i am not stressed as i like a little reveal. So far it is all going well and i am starting to see the thought that has gone into this from the crew at B+B.
  9. Last week
  10. Marissa # 63

    Jay I lived on Nevis in the Carribean for about 5 years with my wife. The Carib Sign came from the brewery on St Kitts
  11. The Old Motor Bug (Updated)

    Hey y'all. I've updated the story with more background stuff. i hope it brings back some of your old memories of the good-ol days with old motors.
  12. The Old Mullet skiff

    Russel, yep, the guys down at Snug Harbor near the Gandy Bridge in Tampa Bay did the same. No fancy electronics to remove back in them days! Try it with a new Robalo!
  13. Sandpaper

    I'm a lazy sandpaperer. I use my orbital sander for most everything. Then when the discs begin to wear, I take them off to use where the sander won't reach. I like the Shopsmith brand that come from Lowes. They don't wear too fast or clog too easily. Usually 80 grit-----WAIT-----don't holler so loud! I know i should use a finer grit to finish! Told ya---lazy sanderer. I do admit that you should use a finer grit, especially under varnish.
  14. Marissa # 63

    Good luck on the build. Where'd you get the Carib sign?
  15. Utah OB20

    I would have thought so, but I didn't need anything but the staples. Couple of the planks required starting the fastening to start in the middle and working out from there. The aft planks were easy, the forward ones were a bit more work. Typically, I took the 8" section, and cut to rough size, placed where it was going to go and held it with a couple/few staples in the middle of the plank. Then I would scribe for fit to the preceding plank, break the staples and bandsaw to fit. Mix up my epoxy with cabosil, apply, and refit the plank and staple. I cut notches in a flexible scraper and used that to apply. Worked well, and I hung every plank by myself. So far, the only screws I have needed were on the tight bends on the bottom planking. JP
  16. Ocracoke 256 #3

    The teak strips are 2" wide by 3/8 thick, we bought them already milled . As far as Iroko I don't have any experience with it, I know it is a substitute for teak and I know it is a little different to work with. Most builders use teak so I guess that is the tried and true material, I know it is about 50% cheaper but personally would stick with teak. I am sure like anything else there are people that love it and have used it and some that don't. Do a web search and see what happens.
  17. B&B Messabout 2017

    Attention all, It's approaching fast. I've created a sign up using google forms. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP . We are compiling a list of boats that will be in attendance. Of course it's not required that you bring a boat but we're always asked what boats will be there. This list will generate automatically. You can see what boats have already registered here. As in years past, we will be having a Friday banquet buffet style dinner at little Italy's restaurant. We will pre-order the buffet so we need anyone who would like to join us to purchase their meal "tickets" in advance as we will order food for that many. There are links to puchase tickets (1 per person, kids 12 and under don't need) or CLICK HERE. In years past we have tried to do some sailing/boat building/cnc demos. Any good ideas, shoot them our way. Can't wait to see you all there!!! -Alan and the B&B Crew
  18. The Old Mullet skiff

    This is very similar to the oyster boats out at Dolphin Island Ala The owners would take the motor off and sink them at their mooring when a big storm was coming. Pump them out at low tide and were ready to go again.
  19. Ocracoke 256 #3

    I love the teak! What are the dimensions for the strips? Would Iroko be a good substitute? Thanks
  20. OB 24 #2

    Brings to my mind" Pilar" Hemmingway's boat! I would love to go to Cuba to see it! $$$
  21. Sandpaper

    Probably a Wee Lassie. But tell me about your sandpaper preferences, Chick. What do you use, and why?
  22. Marissa # 63

    The Tyvek stops any thing bonding to the floor as i have not sealed it yet. Probly never will either Thx for the compliments also. Lotus your Marissa build is what tipped the scale for me , you did a bangup job sir. I have a lot of time on my hands at the minite so it should progress in a timely fashion
  23. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly"

    No, that's just shade that looks like a stepped transom. My lovely wife doesn't claim to be a great photographer and got the tree et al in the shot. I will, however, take a pic of the transom area and post it. I have built the transom strong, from 3/8 ply, and have enclosed the ends of the seat back "tunnel" by continuing the transom up to that height. At the bottom panels I planed a chamfer and filled it with an epoxy and flox mix as I glassed the bottom. That way I could have a strong but sharp trailing edge on the bottom. Then, when I glassed the transom, I just carried it over the filler so that glass from the bottom and transom meet at the sharp edge. This should make for minimum trailing edge drag at the stern as well as resist damage to the ply structure.
  24. Sandpaper

    What IS this Winter's project?
  25. Sandpaper

    As I read this forum, and start to line up my next boat build, I keep coming back to the subject we all love to hate-- sanding. I'd like to ask you all these questions: 1) Which sandpaper do you prefer, and why? We all know that cheap sandpaper is a waste of time and money. The high end stuff is a dream, but costs over a dollar a sheet. Is there a sweet spot between cost and performance? 2) Where do you buy yours? Lately, I've found that my local lumber yard offers good stuff (Norton 3X) at fair prices. The problem with the internet is that there's a wide selection, and no way of touching it or trying out a little bit, before buying 100 sheets. 3) Finally, what's the story with the fancy, non-clogging paper? I hear that it can cause problems with paint. I've had paint problems that I could have blamed on this, but I'm not sure. What's the story there? Why is this so? Is there a good time to use it, and a good time to avoid it? I'm hoping that I can draw from your experiences, before I start buying more of that beloved product for this winter's project.
  26. Marissa # 63

    Welcome and good luck ! Very nice shop and clean work . Marissa has very straightforward plans , yet interesting to built and very pleasant to drive and enjoy even in some rough waters . Looking forward to follow this build as this brings me memories of my marissa build plan #50 , back 3 years ago !
  27. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly"

    Looking great! Love the blue color! Tell us about your transom, maybe a blocked angle but it looks like a bevel between the transom and bottom panels.
  28. WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport.

    We were at Mystic last summer. Loved it. These are beautiful photos!
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